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Sugary Goodness

Sugary Goodness


Chapter 1 Fight Night

Word Count: 1427    |    Released on: 16/01/2021

u will understand the characters b



ary Go

e been training for this night. I'm not going to go down i

to take a punch on the fifth round and take t

re good. I just needed this one night only." He gloved me and help prepare me fo

y deliver a knockout punch to my opponent. The referee did a count-out and declared me as the winner. T

he fuck am I going to do now?! Your next match isn't for another couple of weeks. And I had been bann

didn't care about him, as I quickly get changed and was ab

d to make a winner out of yourself huh? Well then congratulation Gary Evans, now you just have to pay us

st going to show you that we are serious with our words. Just take it like a man and it'll be over soon enou

ying to hold it in. But the big guy kept on punching me like a sack, o

it! What did Fred

y, but he really needs my help with the money. He said he could only gather one hundred

day. But I did stay up drinking my strongest whiskey to numb the pain, then I

I started to put on a thin layer of Arnica cream, then continue putting on my work clot

o get the money. Fred was right, my match wasn't until the next couple of

e! He fucking gets me int

I got from the fridge. I drink it all and put all the dishes in the sink for later. I was already too late for work. I too

e, with a nice chunk of money to support my boxing hobby. Damn! I can't even believe I was considering th

moke right now... I'm s

t the need to even consider it. Every time she asked, I would just smile and keep on working. I know she put me as her assistant, as

to sex, before fight night. I would fucked some random groupie chick or even two, Fred would shove them to my changing room right after my wins. He said it'll be good for my rep

t movie guy and had a kid, she was slowly backing down fr

s, just for the five hundred grand, then back to the

t by the way. Late night with the ladies?" She smiled a

ally need

personal stuff if you have time?" I asked

s, aren't you? Hell Kamaria will just have to wait, I've been waiting for th

o join us. Do you want to talk about it? It'll be just between you and me." Then she

just for a glass, then it will all get better." She p

an tugs that hassled us for money. I told her I was just doing this for

That was one of the reasons why this company, was one of the favorite playg

hotoshoot with Francois, and the contract signing with Kamaria.

e to wait for

elieve I'm fuck

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