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Chapter 1 Decision Taken

Word Count: 1410    |    Released on: 16/01/2021

t black metal gates of the Knight Mansion and a speeding Re

age, and slammed the door of the car shut with a rude bang. He strode towards

d respectfully greeted him, but Christian ignored it. “W

ls, taking long strides sauntering towards the living area, where he saw his father Luke Knight and

?” He thundered, glaring at him. “How can you take such an important decision of my

girl?? Indian!!” Christian said in a high pitch, raving in anger, and glared at his grandfather. “Grandpa,

irl I have chosen for you. Accept it or leave it. The decision is yours.” Leo responded calmly, with a small smile playing on h

s conditions here and I can’t fulfil them. I am already in a relationship with

e glared at him, but Ch

s he mixing my professional and personal life?” Christian shrieked, but Leo wa

ose. I know I am qualified enough to build my own Empire and I don’t need the Knight group t

ue. Come out of your Lala land. She is trying to fool you! Lia is not the right one. She

le, smart, intelligent, and she has all those excellences a guy wishes to have i

company or Knight’s legacy to establish myself. I can achieve everything on my own, and yeah, that Indian b

way, when you have decided to leave, then who the hell am I to impede? God bless you, son. I wish you an

is house, but remember, you can take only your clothes with you a

im while Christian stood there, dumbfounded, looking at his grandfather’s disapp

him, left him today for a girl that he

les on the bar counter, cussing out the girl who has destroy


ater at Lia

ve everything?” Lia as

use and company, all my dreams of living a luxurious life will be shattered and I cannot compromise with that. Christian can’t

hen he clutched her hands. “I love you, Lia. That’s why I left everything to be with you. Y

ut why did you choose to give up your CEO’s position? The position for whic

who gave up everything for me. But I don’t want you to d

girl, grandpa selected for me?” Christian yelled and stood up from the couch. “I think

’t leave like this. We will figure out something, but don’t leave your dream of becomi

have to marry that girl if I want the CEO’s position, and I know he will not change his min

d on his shoulder. After a few minutes of silence, Lia sque

with a bored expression, ra

” Lia said with exci

d, looking at her face through his wi

ract Marriage will be biding both of you. It is the perfect solut

ut this?” Christian questioned L

Then who is going to tell him?” Lia assured Christian. “Yeah, but to make this plan successful,

the lounge in resentment and clamoured. “Fuck, I already hate he

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