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Steamy Billionaire Stories Collection

Steamy Billionaire Stories Collection


Chapter 1 One

Word Count: 1705    |    Released on: 04/02/2021


months of living. It was where I lost everything that shined brightly before my

ow an enemy. This was where "loyalty"

very possible way. I'd booked a suite at the Ritz Carlton, where I was

p at me. I groaned and didn't answer. I pushed her head down as she pressed her lips to cove

t in the next few days, I

body was telling me to let go. I slightly pushed her head away, but she didn't move. She went down deeper an

rily, and then she swa


ving away, I sprang t

swallowing, you kn

ve, " I said cold

ner and then go on

hat happened when you agreed that

conversation, sex, and at the end of the day, she would beg

ew days? It's the examinations this coming week, and

MeetandGreet, an online dating site. Her prof

need to go so

rgraduate from Boston University. I'm not really from Harvard. I drove here several hours to meet you, and I

lief. The fact that she lied about her name and school was a major tur

she cursed, he

thing wrong wi

r head. "Someday, you

t doin

pe that you're interested, and then you'll fu

pes." Where's my

your own taste of medi

, or whatever your name is, I don't gi


, and spent days with the people I trusted. I created my own world with the people I loved, but

was. I was sentimental, compassionate, and c

However, she showed me that I could trust another person other than Jake, or Aries. And to end this fucking overview of my

ar. I found it entertaining and interesting, knowing that

r wet core. I scrolled through my inbox and checked

d only email I kept in my inbox for some compelling reason. She was twenty-eight, a Harvard graduate, working in an IT company in Cambridg

d her m

t: I n

posed to be with one because it's Saturday and yet, you're interrupting me in the middle of my meditation because my mother was tryin


Re: I n

your account to tell you that I'm in Cambrid

ow yourself to me. You've been teasing me

lp on anything, but you just wanted

e are you right now, so we

Re: Re: I

re's no chance we could meet. However, even if I'm alone, I will never


ial networking application which only allows the user to chat anonymously. No profile pictures, feeds, comment box or e

istration link. It's either you were a doctor, a professor, architect, artist, or a CEO (like me). I never

but I say, screw the rules. My one protocol was t


ress and your real name? I'm tired o

d hearing her voice. "We'll never mee

cuses. Would you like to know my ad

sted. I can't lose a friend when you only want is one night, and th

night for us, " I admitted. "I can make a

? This shou

e? I'll be willing t

so. Hey, I ne

ek. If you don't show yourself t

"I'm sure you

re that

you w

y n

like the soun

." I sighed. "Look, I can't continue our friendsh

arents this week. Did you remember? It's be

o my schedule this week, and then I'll



't know. I c

asn't doing it because I respected that you're not ready. But, this isn't going anywhere. I need to be buried inside you. I w

a breath. "Don't yo

take eve

ot this week but next two weeks.

tell me your address. Fourteen f

! Stop inti

ood then, Erick

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