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Give Me A Second Chance

Give Me A Second Chance


Chapter 1 Prologue

Word Count: 1575    |    Released on: 26/02/2021

over. We are free from what we call hellhole. I am so excited to see

ing exams, which thankfully ended. But in the end, things turned against our wish and God blessed us with a bab

hought that I had some viral disease. Don't blame me! The di

p of my lungs saying 'I am officially going to be his. We are going to welcome our new little family

ll he

ted to laugh at him when he stands with mouth wide open, unable to believe

to reminisce in the future. Or maybe I would show hi

gonna have a family of our own' I wanted to enjoy all the moments: when he comes closer and

ce he came out of

my tears with his thumb and gives me an assuring smile saying 'Every

My conscience asked me again. I had this que

ealed her pregnancy. He discussed about how he is going t

firming the gender from the doctor

little peanut while rubbing my stomach lovingly. I became so atta

ing towards the parking area whilst whistling and spinning the car keys around his forefinger

ss as he had raked his hands through it multiple times. His face was shining wi

ust like any other day. Oops! I'm late. "Kayish!!

n't feel my legs. To be honest I was so sore that I couldn't even walk. I s

, he gave me a huge

ur exam?" H

. Yours?" I

led at him. He was the topper of our colleg

playing with my wedding ring. It was a habit of min

m still fiddling nervously with my wedding ring. He ra

ng too" He said making me furrow my

k up." He b

dropped on the floor. Unable to cont

joking around." I playfully hit his shoulder. Breaking up is not

and raised his eyebrows. "What does it look like? Why do you think th

name instead of calling me babe or wifey like he used to. Something

s were welled with tears. Why is he playi

as a good boyfriend. More precisely, a good husband. I was never intereste

ut I am afraid. Afraid of thinki

rs were pooling dow

core. The moment felt like I was thrown into the ice burg as my heartbeat pounded heavily agai

just because I kissed you once. That day I promised myself tha

't say in hi

angry lion which is re

you to spoil you. This marriage is nothing to me, it's just a key

rs. My body completely went numb and my legs were

off this drama." He took an envelope from h

of our marriage. Take it." He thre

piece of good news anymore." With that, he crashed his lips agains

iss, the kiss projected all his an

e looking for me." Then he turned his heels and hopped into his car. After a wh


t me a

t us a

ars he just pretended that he loved me? And he di

th my feelings? But he didn't give any place to think, he was faki

I trusted him too much and now I f

sed p

ur sweet memories started to haunt my head. I doubt if

urst out anytime. And in no time, I started to see black dots around

't deserve to kno

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