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Fated To The Kings

Fated To The Kings

Author: HFPerez

Chapter 1 The Apple

Word Count: 1695    |    Released on: 03/08/2021


t never slee

it here, you can

yward thoughts. Mish had adore

the business part of the district, trying to get her bearings.

. Right at the end of the street. Southeast. Eyes alerted --people in all wal

ime she was here. Maybe busier. Popul

e prestigious runways of Milan, Paris, and Toky

apting and her current situation had left her n

was forward. Fate had spoke

ity. For her and the two most import

es. Even at such a young age, she had do

bout her goals. Her objectives. They

better. This was her fallback --a generous one-- after her so

constricted. Thoughts of what she

f the past, she continued walking. It was

she had made something of herself in

nger version. A new

aunt Delia. A mentor who had he

ager to the biggest telecommunications in the world. Not only prom

with everything she could ever imagine. Her sisters were very well taken care of at home. Not rich. A roof over their heads, meals t

e a thousand or so miles away from her. Her lips twi

een away from th

o make the necessary arrangeme

ivation unli

on, she lengthened her strides to fac


uilding in Manhattan. With eyes steadily growing big, she halted, tilte


herself and counted to ten. Des

ur job, that's w

sholes, new fake people, and new buildings. Feeling like a head


she walked towards the glass-paned electronic entrance and found her

ut of Forbes magazine turned to gaze at her. With avid interest fo

. Her skin crawled. She felt the men examining her from head to toe. She dres

ted to

ome point. She doesn't need t

looked. Though she had never been vain. Her opinio

she wanted to be ordinary. P

in a grey pantsuit with 3-inch black heels and her hair was confi

eyes on her, she walked directly to the marbled elegant

w can I help you?" Showi

report here today," she noticed her voice w

d her bag for her passport and handed it to the girl behind the

s. Luckily, Anna saw the girl printing out an employee ID together with a black access card." Here you are, Ms. Greyson. Please report to Michael Marini, he is the personal assistant to the CEO and o

h. Thankful that so far ever

about to turn her back when she saw a fleeting frown in th

her then walk to one of the massive elevators that will bring her to the right fl

like they came out of a fashion magazine? Even Jane can pass as a cover girl. Or maybe

first day at work. And first impres


e what the big boss will be like. She tried to cope up with the PA's longer strides when he walked her thru h

w their own products? Thus, the main reason for her to train the big boss himself, his senior bosses,

wnership of this telecom company so the boss wanted everyone trained when he returns. You can use the conference room in the meantime. The room will be large enough for you and your people. If you have any questions you can rea

e vigilant to the male species. She

pting this job on such short notice.

r to this company." She held out her hand for him to shake. He chuckled at the gesture. He was a handsome man with his coal-black hair and baby bl

th those parting words, he left her in the conference room. She couldn't

nd the room showed

you so much fo

ke sure to do whatever was necessary to


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