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Her Redemption: Traitor's Daughter

Her Redemption: Traitor's Daughter


Chapter 1 One.

Word Count: 2770    |    Released on: 02/09/2021

a’s P

ng the blanket off my body and looked at the watch, my ey

ly in dismay and hurrie

ir, and braided them quickly; Mo

jealous of me cut some of my hair lengths; I loved my hair and when I saw her cutting my hair did feel bad but I had no right to

h the kitchen, I quickly went downstairs praying all th

my eyes met with those dark brown o

is fists clenched and staring at me in a death glar

I was going to be facing a lot

courage and meanwhile holding my br

e late because..” he

a worthless piece of shit.” He slammed his fist on the counter making

to gather in my

sed all the limits. They kept questioning my character and keep throwing such insulting words toward

rs that were threatenin

steps toward me and gripped

stop these fake tears and get to work.” He spoke with a venom dripping

er glance at me he left the kitchen leaving

sobbing but I was afraid to sob louder because if any mean

ees but couldn

edly and I put my hands on my ears tryin

e need to turn

traitor. My father loved his pack. He love

ody still haunts me. The woman

ter, I don’t think even a mom could love her daughter the way she had loved me. I missed her, I s

didn’t allow me to visit him or see him even from far a

me and care for me. Those eyes which used to held love and adoration for me now

the way they looked at me terrified me, t

knew they’ll always hate me, they will h

of me alive, seeing him die in fron

else did. The Gamma who made my life hell and the Gamma who was involved in everything


ole night crying while holdin

rom their trip I rushed toward the

at showed on their face effortlessly that no one had

to him without any thought I hugged him tightl

you crying ?” Alex’s concerned

dy! Did someone hurt you? “ Lucas asked in dism

le….” I cr

he incident he didn’t know about was going to unfold Infront of them very quickly but how could I say?

er guys.” Lucas s

had their traces in my hand; Traces

inside me, my heart that felt numb beat loudly with anguish but what

the colors left their faces. Th

to find some sort of warmth, my dad’s warmth whe

t the loss of words and hes

asked kneeling and attempting to get m

e evilest voice boomed from behind; J

ing to the Brute—The gamma. The eyes hid all the evil intentions ben

t was looking extremely real—Enough to fool anyone but would the triplets believ

.” He shouted while pointing to me l

were looking white as paper hearing

” Benjamin shook his head

throat was cut and we found him beside your mother’s dead

d himself with the car. I saw tear

njected into your father’s body. And now he’s paralyzed, he migh

at. You all know dad very well.” I spluttered and stood

still taking that traitor’s side. No wond

nything like that.” I shouted back and suddenly the sharp pull at m

onna make your life bad as hell. “ He chuckled darkly grabbing m

n his grip but he overpowered tha

do anything like that? Help me.” I

ous pieces as the realization

he Gamma as ev

f the guards and my knees were bruised because of the rou

ts with teary eyes. None of them bothere

e triplets were away from me, they were miles a

the dark dangerous dungeons where o

of the Luna. I couldn’t get the luck

me do all the works of the packhouse but that w


e work of the packhouse, served the triplet’s girlfrien

tting me hard every time I took a breath, I

he situation had

I quickly wiped my tears and st

s keeping myself together, I had my own breakdowns but I wasn’t shattered yet, I st

ng breakfast for everyone soon as possible; there could have b

d at me and some gave me a disgusted look and some show

riplets. Three of them had thei

at me and I look

nd my mate and he would save me from all this mess. I believed that he would help me reveal the true culprit. Moreover, the tripl

ng everyone. Some pack members thanked me wi

jamin’s voice came in my ears al

the start an

gave him a sandwich and mo

ted at her figure; Red dress, red heels, red lipstick, None of it lo

me and I’ll make it for you real quick.” I spoke politely t

up from her chair—No wonder staying with Lucas for one yea

ilderment. I hadn’t sa

ll the way, and then she grabbed my face

but I didn’t want to bear the sliver chains again. Because last time when I had did it with

with pity while some looked at me as they savored

what I wanted” She dug her sharp nails more and It was getting way too painful, not tha

.” Alex’s girlfriend laughed with a

ffee then threw it on me without any warning. I covered my face out o

s everywhere

The coffee was steaming hot and just when it contacted my skin,

the unbearable burn

hen so that I could splash some cold water on my face

pat and that was it, I removed her han

couldn’t fight

shed to the kitchen. I quickly opened th

le bit but still, it

ntrollably. I moved to the refrigerator and searched for s

sharp pain in my

iend standing with a smirk. Her high heels dug into

pain and now her act had crossed all th

ped her hard, she fell on the ground

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