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The Wrong Brother

The Wrong Brother


Chapter 1 Freaking Hayden Myers

Word Count: 1155    |    Released on: 21/10/2021


ver seen. His golden blonde hair was like a ray of sunshine. His eyes were the color of the ocean. When he smiled, I felt an unusua

nd, nothing more. But I haven't given up hope yet. I will show

ys in my high school say I am pretty and they ask me to go

ss the hall. She was Zack's sister and my best friend since midd

our senior year so I w

li," I

over after sch

wouldn't miss a chance to se

st friend, she knew exactly how I felt about her brother and she fully supp

I checked the mirror beforehand to make sure I looked good. n

my chest as I saw him s

k," I sa

same one that made me fall for hi

. It made me feel so...young. "I am okay, ar

r so I might hang out

nd off relationship. She was the thorn in my eyes, the bane of

id and left in a hurry. I've known him f

gly. Why couldn't I be a woman and confess my feelings already? Even if he rejects me it'll at least

you to move. You are blocking my way," a deep


lied. He also had the looks with his longish hair which he dyed black, pale blue eyes and an almost perfectly symmetrical face. Just like his brother. If only his pers

n't help either. Every time I tried to get clos

old of the box before Zack and ate the cookie and then replaced it with a dead rat. He even wrote a note that said, "To my Zack, I love you like a stray cat

gonna move or wha

ur face and

lden boy yet. Face it Mildew, you are

calls me Mildew instead o

have time to deal with y

, Missy, I am older than you remember? You b

jerks like you don't deserv

u now? Like 15?" he f

I am 17. I am turning 18 in a couple of months," I was starting

nue this stimulating discussion, but I must run. I have

his looks, he had nothing to offer. He didn't even bother to enroll in a college after he graduated. He h

u finally having an amazing conv

coming over," I said with a

thought they br

uried my face in a pillow. At this rate

g to the undesirable one

treatments of me amusing. Some friend. "I

uke," I laughed and t

hat devil liked me. Liked

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1 Chapter 1 Freaking Hayden Myers2 Chapter 2 What does she see in him 3 Chapter 3 Innocent yet beautiful4 Chapter 4 She is special5 Chapter 5 I'm going to help you6 Chapter 6 She is a kid7 Chapter 7 Something is missing8 Chapter 8 He won't let my hand go9 Chapter 9 Where did you get this 10 Chapter 10 A Stupid Trinket11 Chapter 11 Prom 12 Chapter 12 She is All Alone13 Chapter 13 Want Me to Kick His Ass 14 Chapter 14 Most girls like the golden boy type15 Chapter 15 It was my first16 Chapter 16 I'm not bummed out.17 Chapter 17 I am excited for you18 Chapter 18 I know about her 19 Chapter 19 Why did you do that 20 Chapter 20 What do you think of me21 Chapter 21 Prom day22 Chapter 22 Where did he get the necklace 23 Chapter 23 You are acting weird24 Chapter 24 You like him25 Chapter 25 The outdoor trip26 Chapter 26 Do you really like me 27 Chapter 27 I'll check on her28 Chapter 28 Did you just sniff me 29 Chapter 29 Do you think I'm pretty 30 Chapter 30 I will make you mine31 Chapter 31 Drive me crazy32 Chapter 32 That devil child33 Chapter 33 Pinky Promise34 Chapter 34 Are you asking me out 35 Chapter 35 Tastes like death36 Chapter 36 Miss him already37 Chapter 37 Going away38 Chapter 38 My heart belongs to you39 Chapter 39 Don't ride at night40 Chapter 40 Stay with me41 Chapter 41 Wake up, already42 Chapter 42 I have to tell you something43 Chapter 43 I love you44 Chapter 44 Why didn't you tell me 45 Chapter 45 They can't hear me46 Chapter 46 Ravage me gently47 Chapter 47 It's time to enjoy our freedom48 Chapter 48 Jealous much 49 Chapter 49 You are cool50 Chapter 50 Loser boyfriend51 Chapter 51 Trust in me52 Chapter 52 Planning a trip53 Chapter 53 Apology accepted54 Chapter 54 Do me a favor55 Chapter 55 You are mine56 Chapter 56 Too drunk57 Chapter 57 What happened 58 Chapter 58 Never again59 Chapter 59 Epilogue