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Chapter 1 SOLD

Word Count: 1592    |    Released on: 17/11/2021

which was fixed on the wall, she took

full access to her body. The beauty,

e, not just any sl

they all wished for her beauty but she wanted the

a slave, if your master tells you to die, you do so without hesitat

it, your master determines how to live and when you die. And today that kind of life just began for h

e of the famous auction houses in the country know

o but she knows how hard it was for her. It is hard to survive out there, it is

her for eight years. Today she is finally a woman. So her

c sets in, she thought she was prepared

ith your beauty, you will bring good fortune to me Imogen but am not sure what will happen to you after you get sold. You have to be prepared,

cause his wife was barren, to give birth, he has to take a new wife but he loves his wife deeply so he got a slave inst

like that, but s

r she gets sold to. But what is even more w

out of its casket when

ha said to her. It was like judgement da

all. All she wants and pray for is for mistress to send her back home.. All this s

mercy enough by letting h

her fate has already been deci

mantha instructed and Imogen did. A Guard in front of the do

ntered. In the room, she saw girls around h

stood stiff, while some had a

ur numbers, you will be led out by Bonnie"

it out of there. Am sure you understand the rules, if you don't get sold today then you know wh

being a sex slave" She gritte

ht you. See you girls, at the a

ears, "I don't want to be a slave" She

n decided the moment you stepped inside here"

t have a choice. But we don't d

n do something about it. You can't acc

the girl from talking,

gen said and moved

came. All eyes turned to the gi

moving back. "Guards" Bonnie ca

ards approaches the girl and carried her out by force.

the first thing they hea

e came again and Bonnie


r almost an hour and it

on be her turn. She could hear her heart racing

d notice though she tried putting it off with a

od master" She muttered between closed teeth t

oday the last bi

rn now" She said and

wo guards standin

carry you, right

nnie to the stage, "Mrs Samantha had high hopes in you

closer and closer, "the moment she hates most has finally

saw the whole crowd att

, and there are many you just

r wine and their intentions, this fa

ed by a guard

ent. Just one gaze of her and you get hard immediately, the beauty of this whole auction and th

shall we get

t, 25 bags o

en thought

e came from


other o

hore in my room" A

Mistress Sa

ther man

ng to 60. Going

e from behind and

he never knew anyone would be wi

Mistress Samantha ask

e 50 more if she is good as

We have 100 going, anyone more?

ing among them "I never e


lar and dread lord Simon Sebastian" The


" The mistress ann

eir eyes met. There was no expression of emotio

ing do seem dreadful about him, there was som

s, one thing

to her wors

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