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Bought by the Billionaire Prince

Bought by the Billionaire Prince


Chapter 1 No.1

Word Count: 1596    |    Released on: 06/12/2021

want me to bring something home tonight for dinner?” Ari usually stayed in her dorm room at New York University and went home to Qu

ice had a bit of an edge to it, like when she

on the campus sidewalk and bent h

othing to worry about, but Henl

voice rose s

d, when she wasn’t in class, she spent e

ew that she was going to pass out one day

ng to put on a brave face. “They’re going to keep her over night

egan walking toward her dorm

sprinting. When she entered her dorm room, she quickly said goodbye to her mother and clicked off. Then sh

their freshman year. Now, they were both sophomores and looking forward to just a few more years of college. A

ay.” Ari quickly threw things onto

contrasting sharply with her wild, light

r shoulder. “Please tell my professors why I won’t be in class tomorrow. I’ll send them a text when I can.” Ari

ve carefully.” She pulled back to lo

, Ari was in her Volkswagen Beetle, headed f


ss the room. She quickly closed the gap

r in the waiting room. “As I said, it’s probably

e already was, but doctors didn’t just keep people a

door. “They have her in the back, runnin

letting out

eeze. “Now don’t you be worrying unle

mile. “I just wish there was

ike days but had been only hours, when a doc

cille rais

n and his lips formed a straight line as he cro

They didn’t call you into the back to tal

them in a room a

e asked, a crease for

inconclusive as of yet, but we’ll know

suspense. She hated when doctors hemmed and hawed aroun

the doctor

s widened. “A

sts are ran,” the doctor repeated, looking at th

mother’s eyes, obvio

her’s hand in suppor

apy treatments and eventually a Stem Cell Transplant after she

t have any insurance.” After Ari’s father left them six years before, her mother had worked as a waitre

all right. We’ll think of something.” As her mother’s tears fell onto her sh


e coffee.” Ari stood and stretched in the mid

r head. “No, hon

ows. “Will you be ok

” Then she forced a smile. “Hey! I’m supposed to

lled her in for a quick hug. “Besides, you don’t

t been a child for a long time. I t

. Short of robbing a bank, none of them had much money. Between both hers and Henley’s college tuitions, there wasn’t much

She could pretend she had a gun and go into a bank. They

at she would even consider robbing a bank, but dire situations caused for drastic measures. She walked through the cafe

et right in front of her

toward them and sm

Ari let out a sigh of relief, not in the mood for idle chitchat. After paying th

a loan. Check. After staring at the napkin for a moment, she turned it over and s

ther you, but is

the emergency room. Ari shook her head and raised her hand toward the chair. “Hav

offee. “I hope you don’t mind me saying this, but I overheard w

the side. “Thank you,

ern. “Well, don’t do anything s

appreciate your concern, but no one’s going t

her eyes. “It’s none of my business, but do yo

Short of robbi

smiled, and then leaned in cons

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