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Forced Love

Forced Love


Chapter 1 Meeting Mr. Arrogant

Word Count: 916    |    Released on: 20/01/2022

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gn of it breaking. I heaved a sigh of relief seeing that the alarm was fine, mom's sure gonna scold me if anything happens to my sixth alarm clock for this month. Lol i know you'r

body with my towel, I sat at the front of my dressing table applying a body lotion. I wore my under wears and my already ironed uniform which was a short purple flare skirt which was above my knee and a white long sleeve which had the Lavender High School logo, yeah i'm gonna attend Lavender High. It said to be the best school in the wh

he says a good meal made by her in the morning will bring us good luck, hmm I wonder how true it is. I saw my little sister Delaney already in the

sie' she said wit

your prince charming again?' I sa

reducing her voice and leaning towards me so mo

y ears and said ' what di

ssed '

i gasped

elieve it' she

nodding my he

our night?' Mom as

larm woke me up' i said grumpily

ak it again?' She ask

ead negative

's dad?

ay, i turned and saw him coming down fr

dad ' I said sm

said taking a chair a

said without raising her he

ter ' Dad said ticklin

p of tea. I ran to the door and ran back to drink water, rinsing my mouth in the process. I ran back to the door, i he

h was used on it, i looked around and saw other students obviously rich kids, some coming out of expensive cars driven by either their driver or themselves, some even came with bikes! You know what I mean by bikes. I went insi

to my class, i got into a place which i guess is gonna be the hallway, i was abou

atch where you're going

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1 Chapter 1 Meeting Mr. Arrogant2 Chapter 2 Damn! He's arrogant3 Chapter 3 What is it this time 4 Chapter 4 Henry's ass got stucked5 Chapter 5 Guess who he drew 6 Chapter 6 Henry's in for it! 7 Chapter 7 Henry's in for it 28 Chapter 8 And they finally met9 Chapter 9 Two enemies getting married! 10 Chapter 10 Cassie's in agony11 Chapter 11 She doesn't wanna get married12 Chapter 12 The Jerk wants a thank you13 Chapter 13 We got married14 Chapter 14 Ahhhhh... 15 Chapter 15 They want us to make a fucking baby16 Chapter 16 My husband's a jerk17 Chapter 17 Being married sucks18 Chapter 18 I'm gonna make her want me19 Chapter 19 He's banging a girl in our room! 20 Chapter 20 Urgh... 21 Chapter 21 Her lips tasted like vanilla22 Chapter 22 Busted! 23 Chapter 23 What the hell are you doing here 24 Chapter 24 I made a new friend25 Chapter 25 I made a new friend 226 Chapter 26 Jealous freak27 Chapter 27 Why is he acting all nice to me 28 Chapter 28 Time for pay back29 Chapter 29 Henry's a dead meat30 Chapter 30 The bitch is back31 Chapter 31 She broke him32 Chapter 32 They made up33 Chapter 33 Damn! That tingling sensation. 34 Chapter 34 More trouble35 Chapter 35 Henry... You're in love. 36 Chapter 36 Do I love her 37 Chapter 37 The Plan38 Chapter 38 I Don't Love Him39 Chapter 39 Do I love him 40 Chapter 40 Pervert41 Chapter 41 She's mad at me42 Chapter 42 Cassie's gone missing43 Chapter 43 Cassie's gone missing 244 Chapter 44 Cassie's gone missing 345 Chapter 45 Where I'm I 46 Chapter 46 I don't have her number. 47 Chapter 47 Does he love me 48 Chapter 48 Henry Villoria crying over a girl! 49 Chapter 49 God! Help me50 Chapter 50 I miss her too51 Chapter 51 Found! 52 Chapter 52 Derek! 53 Chapter 53 She's close54 Chapter 54 Cassie look what you've done to me55 Chapter 55 Eliminating Henry56 Chapter 56 Let me go! 57 Chapter 57 The end is near58 Chapter 58 Let's just get this over with59 Chapter 59 That gunshot60 Chapter 60 God please save her61 Chapter 61 Happy ending62 Chapter 62 Happy ending 263 Chapter 63 We made love64 Chapter 64 Happily ever after