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Love Slave to the Mafia Boss's Passion

Love Slave to the Mafia Boss's Passion


Chapter 1 Groomless Wedding

Word Count: 1196    |    Released on: 01/03/2022

re for hours waiting for the groom,”

ne how sad she’s feeling,” Anothe

has ditched her?” A man

that…” Another woman replied with what se

overly high-heel shoes that I was wearing was starting to hurt my feet and my legs were starting to feel sore from standing still for too l

itchy, not that anyone cared. I didn’t choose this dress. I have never met my gr

d into a contract marriage with the hei

know how long I’ve been standing here just waiting for my future husband to arrive. It mu

the truth is, I didn’t care if he never shows up. Actually, it would be for the better for us all if he never sho

whatever would be over quickly so that she can return to rest at the hospital. My grandmother was very old, and recently, I had discovered tha

om?” a man asked

g for almost three hours already…”

kill you if he hears,” anothe

im yet?” another voi

houldn’t take much longer…” someone else replied b

ll kill you if he sees you st

ely not in a good mood,” an

his doing?” the other sa

nd he’s not even here…” anot

er after this father? What a rot

ll hear you…” the man nex

till alive…” the old man c

cold,” one of the men said and I couldn’t agree more. At least they were

going on. Poor old man, I wonder what he did to deserve this. He’s been stan

ne…” the old priest suggested

ce!” the mastermind behind this whole wedd

gun? It’s a gun, rig

stuck in a bad dream, I tried to convince myself as I closed my eyes. My body shook in fear.

reality was that the most influential mafia boss was pointing a gun at the old priest. The mafia boss who had f

n’s first name, I didn’t need to ask for his last name. If he

name the gang the same way. All members of the Torex family and their members are supposed to hav

n like me who had nothing to do with the mafia. Their business network spanned multiple continents and countries and involved businesses in m

d know was that they had businesses in tourism, healthcare, and entertainment. Plus, all the other shady and illegal

illegal activities but that’s probably the way t

happens, I’m about to marry one right now and non-other than the next heir to the Torex family. I di

n question ever turns up whi

e cont

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