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Unexpected Fortune: The Long-lost Heir Returns Home

Unexpected Fortune: The Long-lost Heir Returns Home


Chapter 1 Painful Heartbreak

Word Count: 2461    |    Released on: 18/03/2022

one I bought for you. Take a lo

of Rinas was cro

s night fell. Many fashionably dressed young me

tention of the people close by. They stared

ift box in his hand. A n

r school. He had saved most of the money and survived on very little. He was fi

, he stretched the

her face lit up with s

anced at the cellphone, hissed, and turn

called out her n

icy glare. "Horace, please don't contact me anymo

them widened their eyes. Others opened their mout

an was courting this lady but was refused decisiv

se tell me what my offense is so I would a

ds. He was confused. He had been planning for today for the w

w that he had been chasing

took good care of her. Every day, he bought her

lf in school. He provided everything tha

d accepting all his gifts. She

im, they were already a couple i

ould be out of high school, Horace thought t

love would make their

out in his mind. But he didn't expect

sion, she added coldly, "I don't want my boyfriend to think something

ur boyfriend!" Horace looked at her

ourself, Horace. You

y being nice to you. Take a look at yourself. Do you t

ou and bought this a

He held out the phone ag

d saved for a whole semester

be a token of hi

d his hand w

und it made when it crashed hurt Horace. He fe

this to me now?" Am

was at the beginning of the semester. You didn't buy it

er lips arrogantly, she took out a rose gold

or me. It costs more than one thousand dollars. That amou

was breaking into a thousand pieces. H

ung man who seemed to be Horace

arly. Let's go. I've a

id a little jump like a child and then sai

was also his high school classmate, Addy Moran. He was one of

his arm. She stood on her tiptoe

how dumb you are, Horace? I once told you to matchmake me and Amaia. I offered to pay you ten thousand dollars

so he could sleep with her. Addy had thought Horace would jump on the offer because he was from

eing the betrayed expre

riend, or I'll beat the living daylights out of y

tt playfully and took her

orace shouted before

at him with complacent expressions. Th

threw the broken cellphone an

with you!" he

s he held his forehead. The pain was too much th

him, she yelled, "What the fuck! Horace,

nd punched Hora

of a

zed Horace, but he

in his abdomen. His dusty shoe made a

hey are fighting!

l would end a while ago. They were s

lly lived for it. They all cheered the warring men by cla

out of hand. She was in a daze, but she soon cam

and kicked him with h

hink anything of Amaia's last command until he felt

from the pain, Addy push

ach you an unforget

in blows and kicks on his oppon

ve him kicks

re becoming more and more intense, so he t

is moment. The onlookers were afraid that Ho

and pulled the couple away. The

race hard. But they seized him again. "You loser, don't let me set my eyes

on him and le

h. His whole body was on fire due to the blows

threw his affection away because he didn't have money.

pale and he felt as if a knif

maia for three

ed the ground that she walked on. He p

went down the drain tonight. H

ting women right. He thought he could win Amaia's h

would help to beat him t

ve?' Horace queried her in his heart. 'Why was I born poo

"Oh, I am such a loser. I was just beaten, but I still managed

ughts, the onlookers sighed sym

t waiting since t

ng on the ground an

time before he finally

ster than normal. The pain in his body

painful kicks were from Amaia because of her high-heeled


e took a shaky step and w

his phone sudd

ed at the screen. The c

screen was cracked, but

ectful middle-aged man's voice came from the

e just say

ke this before. He reasoned that

weakly, "I'm Horace Warren. Please don't waste your tim

ne before the call

g again in less t

at it was the

a bad day, so he angri

idn't give up. His ph

r. He decided to blacklis

receive icon. Perhaps it was because he badly

please list

him not to hang up as soon as he answered

I admire your persistence. If you had called me yeste

ddle-aged man sounded embarrasse

money. I wanted to give it to the girl I loved as a present. Unfortunately, she rejected it and humiliated me

istened attentively. Horace

g but a poor loser. If you intend on duping me or sell

He felt as if a weight had

nterest you to know that you aren't a poor loser. You are one of the noblest persons in the world. I'll transf

the phone in his hand tightly to suppress his anger. He turned to his men and commanded

is phone in confusion. He didn't u

hundred million dollars? That was ridiculous! Tha

ly vibrated, and the

ked screen. It read, "Bank Account ××××××1235

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