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Rebirth Of The God Of War

Rebirth Of The God Of War


Chapter 1 Awaken

Word Count: 1199    |    Released on: 18/03/2022



the tranquility of the class. All the students were so shoc

s early twenties. He looked spruce in his

mind?" snapped a beautiful woman with delicate features. She

e wide open. Panting violently, he looked

him was clean. The windows, the sunlight, the people, the clothes, and

w is this possible

of course, normal. But it had been twenty years since the apo

in Ha

longer standing on the platform. She marched toward Calvin in

to me? I'm dead, right? That mons

The huge contrast between reality a

listen in my class,

vin just ignored her. She angrily raised her sle

oming. The confusion in his eyes was replaced by sharp

oked in the air, making her body lean forw

he fat man sitting next to Calvin loo


ed. His hand shook, and the pen in his hand pierced

lood. His eyes became clear, and his mind was luc

f me, you

yank free from his grip. She obviously

g been buried rushed out from the bottom of hi

acher... He remembered them now.

, how da

embered who the teacher was, an

her hand and slapp

ouch his face. He reached

now!" Fiona cried out angrily. She struggled ha

n jeered and whistled from time to time. They kept calling Calvin's name, especial

tudents, what they

let alone listen to what others were saying. With a straight

, Wednesday, Sep

ity Calvin had gone

ean I travel back in time?' Calvin

d he come back to life? And he ev

monster had tortured him to pieces and dug out his heart before. But now, he was totally alive

ense? How could he have a

he apocalypse h

was that he was alive. Whatever the reason was, he didn't want to find out a

he future was obviously

alvin's body and mind as hard as iron. He quickly calmed down.

civilizations and technology would be destroyed. Humans

alculating something in his mind. In just two m

, let g

at the color of her hand had changed because of bad blood circulation. He lo

t Calvin's receding back. For a moment, she cou

perience, she had never encount

behind Calvin, who had already stepped out of the classroom. "Damn it, Calvin! Stop!

ound, and glanced at Fiona with a

by his words but by the

emed like he had been through a lot of terribl

a college student. How could such a look app

autiful women, lived a miserab

it. When she came back to her senses, C

-seven days left befor

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