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Divorced Barren Mother Gives Birth To Six Babies

Divorced Barren Mother Gives Birth To Six Babies


Chapter 1 Walking Away From Pain

Word Count: 1526    |    Released on: 31/03/2022

ignored cause of how engrossed she was but decided to take a look at the

y she must have called him. She only saved Joan's number cause she's her husband's secretary and on days when s

s to her. She answered the call as she placed the phone gently on her ea

l across, she placed the phone on her ear again and heard the same filthy sounds, they were ha

that of Joan. Did she mistakenly dialed her number during her intimate session with her boyfriend? Amy thought it

right thing, she listened clearly again and Joan repeated," f

concluded and hung the call up. She trusted Callan with her life and loved him so dearly. Al

She shook her head trying not to beleive that. Perhaps, Joan had just decided to sud

speaking inside of her wouldn't let her mind be at rest. In a world wh

it was a text message, she picked up her phone. But her heart raced whe

ation, the location was an hotel and the exact ro

laptop and walked quickly towards her wardrobe. She was in her home wear

ed to tell her mother in law who was living in the same ho

other than the kitchen? She took a quick step towards the kitchen and when she was almos

ren woman is such an idiot, I wonder what my son see in her in the first place? Just consumi

that, it was obvious she was

ll off her eyes but she held it, she stormed inside the kitchen abruptly

ide until it was night, Wilma didn't expect for her to be here at this

oment of intense silence between them, Wilma faked a cough

asked with a smirk, as th

why? Why would I?

nd turned, she intentionally left the woman in confusion. She would

walked towards the exact door that had b

knob and the door opened, her eyes almost fell off when she saw Callan and Joa

ed at once that this will be a dream, hot tears find it's way dow

ged to call in-betwee

ed in the laughter too, Joan was now leaning on Ca

ll put up with you forever? Oh! So you don't want me to have a child. It's y

sband could ever say such. Has he been cheating on her all alon

crying," Joan said t

etal but was it Joan's failt that her husband cheated? The faul

paused her tears," you betrayed

teps in the hallway when she slumped to the wall and cried so hard. The pain she was fe

erself, she soon got inside her car, drove angrily to th

divorce paper that only her had signed but was yet to be signed by Callan

Callan cheating on me with his secretary. It's obvious I'm not wanted in this family anymore. Here is the

my was finally going to leave Callan bu

nt me with your son," Amy said and turned in a

a asked, there was no point hi

d answered," to pick up m

from here, everything you have here was bought by

she heard that but she managed to

years ago, since she had the bracelet in her hand, she looked towa

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1 Chapter 1 Walking Away From Pain 2 Chapter 2 My beautiful Sextuplets3 Chapter 3 Throw This Woman Away 4 Chapter 4 My Bracelet With The CEO5 Chapter 5 Meeting 'The Special Man'6 Chapter 6 Strip N@ked 7 Chapter 7 A Strange knock On My Door8 Chapter 8 Unzip And Suck9 Chapter 9 This Bastard 10 Chapter 10 You Are Fired11 Chapter 11 Agreed To A Risky Deal12 Chapter 12 Would We Meet Dad13 Chapter 13 Dad 14 Chapter 14 Where is mum 15 Chapter 15 I'm sorry, I'll leave 16 Chapter 16 Why Did You Meet Up With Ex husband 17 Chapter 17 Don't Dare To Run Away18 Chapter 18 I Promise19 Chapter 19 Nothing Special In you20 Chapter 20 He Found her21 Chapter 21 Why The Kids Looked Like you 22 Chapter 22 I'll Ensure He Hates You 23 Chapter 23 He Won't Beleive You24 Chapter 24 It's Callan's Family Company25 Chapter 25 How Was Work, My woman 26 Chapter 26 The Video After Her Death27 Chapter 27 He Fed Her28 Chapter 28 The Bully Boy 29 Chapter 29 Promise Not To Leave Us30 Chapter 30 He Took The Kids Away31 Chapter 31 The Children Are Yours 32 Chapter 32 Love Me33 Chapter 33 I'll Carry Her 34 Chapter 34 Evacuate Everyone35 Chapter 35 You Are Mine 36 Chapter 36 It's Not What You Think 37 Chapter 37 Hickeys38 Chapter 38 Her Father 39 Chapter 39 A Hard Punch In The Cheek40 Chapter 40 Arrange A Meeting41 Chapter 41 The Fingering42 Chapter 42 Bring Me A knife43 Chapter 43 Dead44 Chapter 44 Throw Him Out 45 Chapter 45 Cupcake46 Chapter 46 Your Being Is Mine47 Chapter 47 Watch Your Back 48 Chapter 48 Was There A Feeling 49 Chapter 49 Have This50 Chapter 50 You Heard Me, Right 51 Chapter 51 Not In A Good Mood 52 Chapter 52 My Woman53 Chapter 53 You Love To Bully 54 Chapter 54 Cute Sleepy Face55 Chapter 55 Tasteless Wine 56 Chapter 56 The First Person To Touch Her Dies57 Chapter 57 Consider ME As A Family 58 Chapter 58 She Killed Herself59 Chapter 59 Sympathize With Me 60 Chapter 60 Fooling Theresa61 Chapter 61 Mr. Michael62 Chapter 62 A Ghost63 Chapter 63 The Gigolo is Her Father64 Chapter 64 I Miss My Children65 Chapter 65 Made Him Tipsy66 Chapter 66 You B*tch67 Chapter 67 Undeniable Attraction68 Chapter 68 F*cking Michael! 69 Chapter 69 I Dare You To Throw me 70 Chapter 70 Let Me Taste Of Your Sweet Lips71 Chapter 71 Greatest Disgrace72 Chapter 72 Back To Make You Mine73 Chapter 73 Why Does He Sound Like 'Him '74 Chapter 74 Please, Accept My flowers 75 Chapter 75 Leave NorthHill76 Chapter 76 I Promise To Give You All77 Chapter 77 Ruthless Irvin78 Chapter 78 She's My Woman79 Chapter 79 How Can You Be So Cruel 80 Chapter 80 Boss! 81 Chapter 81 F*ck Me, 82 Chapter 82 A Dangerous Agreement83 Chapter 83 Why Is Her Friendship Getting complicated With Him 84 Chapter 84 Gate Of Hell85 Chapter 85 Make Her Yours 86 Chapter 86 Taking Her Out Of NorthHill87 Chapter 87 Let This Be A Dream88 Chapter 88 The Flowers89 Chapter 89 She Hit Him Again And Again90 Chapter 90 The Most Powerful Woman in NorthHill 91 Chapter 91 Too Busy To Meet With You 92 Chapter 92 Apology Denied93 Chapter 93 I Don't Know What Love Is94 Chapter 94 A Long Hand 95 Chapter 95 A Beautiful Female Figure 96 Chapter 96 Who Is This Man 97 Chapter 97 Who Is This 98 Chapter 98 Take A Serious Note 99 Chapter 99 Are You Ready For It 100 Chapter 100 Repeated Slaps