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Sold my virginity to my ex husband

Sold my virginity to my ex husband

Author: Miriam2

Chapter 1 1

Word Count: 913    |    Released on: 27/06/2022

down her cheeks as she stared at the scene in f

oll room while she stood outside the door staring at him unoticed. Ace was sitt

ezed her hands and stared

to pieces, the man she had shown her love to for more than 7 years always handled her roughly but wa

want to see m

would break down in fron

her breathe, immediately she entered her room, she locked the door an

the more she tried to stop it. She used her palm to cover her l

hurts more than a knife bein

the knock was heard continuously until her frie

Amanda yelled and knocked again making

with pity, phoebe looked like someone who had given up and her beautiful

h the cold floor, amanda had already caught phoebe by her

cept the fact that he would never love you, He isn't meant to be with you, he

while looking around before pulling ama

at he had done" Amanda said as she pulled ph


soon she fell asleep but it didn't

r her, for the past three months since Diana came to the mansion,

couldn't understand herself lately, first, she loved when they had a misund

fairy tale that co

phoebe completely, not only did he roughly take her but he had m

and dumped into a trash

acid, but she pushed it away. She pushed it all away – the guilt, the shame, the di

rs begin to build in her eyeballs

nt route, the backside of the mansion and that was where the ga

ir of icy grey ones, her heart hammered deep into her ribca

man with attractive grey eyes that wa

she never noticed dianna who wa

e was of the same length with dianna's stomach le

snatched away from her, though It've been nearly two to three mo

ly towards her chest, clutching it tightly as

tiny cracks of her heart and fissures of her soul

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