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Meeting Mr. Right By A One-night Stand

Meeting Mr. Right By A One-night Stand


Chapter 1 Being betrayed

Word Count: 1483    |    Released on: 07/09/2022

to order a midd


vibrator and a suit

I ask you

02, Elite S



at Elite Shore Hotel, it was

sexy toy, it was not safe for th

she was a beaut

and she needed to make a living. Moreover, her boy

ey were in different places. He had to manage his business a

n to daily work, she ran her own small business. She wan

is, Clarissa s

n slightly before walking in

a famous place of ente

ts here were eith

sly decorated. If someone who was poor stood under the colorful light

t held the box and lo

mask and only her unflappable eyes could b

floor. She went out, found room

he heard the randy voices of

on't do this. My


the door and felt

ed the foreplay before gettin

d a man in a bathrobe with w

the box to him and said, "493 dollars in to

man didn

a tentative voice s

ittle stunned an

nly in a white robe. The warm yellow light illuminated his handsome an

ace suddenly

t, who

It's just th

Then, he quickly took out a stack of money from his wallet

was sla

ingertips were trembling sl

e, she sudde

e felt that she had been laughed bec

en flirting. She took a deep breath

took out her mobile phone w

Someone is going whoring and taking drugs


lite Shore Hotel. Beside it, there were a

of the hotel, the reporter

u were taking drugs and going who

e Duncan family, do you think

said that she is a famous actor in t


he reporters, and even the

dn't stand it anymore and s

startled and took

tanding outside the crowd. His eyes

what yo

there was a hint of

e since you have don

d and raised her hand in front o


hard on the face, and hi

en, everyone

id, "Miss... Wha

s cramping and I coul

d, she smiled faintly while rubbing

ting man like you? You deserve this slap

ross Elliot's eyes as he sa

brows, "Are you sure yo

turned pale

d her smile was full

y anymore, the policeman waved his

e reporters naturally had no reason

ich had been packed with peop

It was only when she calmed down

turned around, she saw

ght. Under his short hair, his eyes were brooding and in

anated an air of gracefulness that sharply contrasted

heart ski

elt that this man loo

wing him and the silver Porsche next to the secretary, she f

oo much, she turne

ssa in his eyesight, he withdrew his gaze and

e who was taken away by the police? He seems to be the president

slightly, "I'm as

a little confuse

mmediately understood and said, "I'm sorry, M

's no

fter thinking for a few seconds,

is eyes, he looked again in C

he walked ins


case, Clarissa also cam

e police, a group of people ru

oe Chapman. As soon as she rushed i

ed a little. She raised her head indifferently a


call the police since you know she's your yo

e corner of her mouth. She looke

r? Do you mean

cond daughter of the Chapman family seduced someone else's fianc

oked down a

orking girl who was in a hurry to make money.

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