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Pregnant After One Night With The Lycan

Pregnant After One Night With The Lycan


Chapter 1 Chapter 1 Betrayal From My Boyfriend

Word Count: 1301    |    Released on: 05/10/2022


thought I’d en

s of a terribly handsome stranger that I absolutely do not recognize. As if

that I’m dreaming. But I open them again, only to b

know is that the previous day was my eighteenth birthday. And


ay ea

don! Yeah, bab

and yet… I was not the woman in the bed that he was pounding senselessly. The horr

no one cared but me, I deserved to enjoy the day.

rk early as a birthday present. And with a heart soaring wi

despite what others thought of me. I trusted him, and in a matter of

ked and had their backs to me. The girl was on all fours, hands clutching the bedsheet, w

ou like that.” he said in

riping her at the waist to smash himself against her with a frenzied quickness. “God-you. You feel- so

forward. His large hand found the back of her head, smush

se. Whilst beneath him the girl’s feminine moans morphed into screams of pleasure, loud and high pitched, even when mu

ate of shock, but just as they slumped down, I fo

dare wait for his response. I fled, rushing out of the house, only barely cat

hould realize by now that my life

a complete di

that would take up his legacy. Unfortunately for me, Richard’s wife could only give him a daughter. And so, it was Richard’s

to do with me. Course when mom passed away soon after, he had no choice but to take me in. R

g them to shift forms. I was eighteen and my wolf was yet to appear. I had no wolfish

n a human. Richard hated

me. I was treated with disdain and lived no better than a slave in my father’s house. I probably would have committed sui

an absolute nightmare, e

and very handsome. Most people had hinted him to be the next Alpha after Richard. He had t

yself fully to Brandon on my 18th birthday. However, now that belief had been destroyed

own in a dark alley, crying my eyes out. It f

ge of a nervous breakdown, but I didn’t care. I needed someone to comfort me and she was there. I gen

nd before it joined the highway. In that split second, I saw that Alina’s watch was id


to yours?” I wailed as the pain and hurt of m

watch. “There are probably lots of watches identical t

it was only for a moment and she quickly regained her usual cheerful demeanor. I knew my stepsister would not betray m

ckled and tossed the wristwatch into a far distance

?” I asked

your eighteenth birthday to end on such a sour note? Come on,” she dragg

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