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Contract Marriage With the Gay Billionaire

Contract Marriage With the Gay Billionaire

Author: Rita Usoh

Chapter 1 Marco Finn

Word Count: 1307    |    Released on: 12/10/2022

e focused his gaze on his phone because he didn't want her

tly. He wasn't finding any of their actions or words pleasant and he w

nt from his mom to his dad, they were discussing in low tones. "you bo

this wouldn't be the conversation they wanted to have with him but he was wrong once again. How would he get marr

will and I won't get married to the

he's nice a

you don't need to sugarcoat it!" he in

company" she said bitterly. Their company, Maxs which was in partnership with the Millers and other members, was the l

ing to get married to her" he stood up to leave. He was done wit

cease to be a member of this family and

s hands through his black short hair in frustrati

his father said

most all his wealth was gotten through his family. What was he

he didn't want to be harsh on him but that was the only way to make him a

lor was his personal driver and he needed to leav

rco said when T

Sunset was a famous club and bar in Los Angeles, he usually went th

for over five minutes but Marco was lost in thoug

out five minutes" Taylor said in fe

didn't mind. "what am I going to do with you?" he stormed out "the keys" he stretched his hands and took t

gh the room, but he could still make out some guys just his age and some sexy ladies whic

s request. In seconds, the guy dropped a glass of beer before h

ded to get his attention. To Marco, she didn't seem unfamiliar as this wasn't the first time she had

an on giving up any

im and Marco laughed "I like you" he smiled and

circular motion "I want you inside of me" she moved her hands to his shaft and he looked up at her, she wa

ink he'd give in to her today but she counted herself lucky because not everyone got to sle

t a nice suite this is" she was marveled at the room. It was huge and w

e room or are you going to give me

, leaving only her panties. She slowly took off her shirt and moved towards Marco who was fully clothed and sitting o

himself, why didn't he feel anything? he wondered. He didn't feel the urge to continue or the urge to have her in bed, what he felt was disgust! she reached out for his pants and removed the

with confused eyes, she didn't know where she had gone wrong. "Put on your clot

ing at her alone made him feel disgusted. "Leave my room" he yelled and she quickly put on her clothes and walked away as f

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1 Chapter 1 Marco Finn 2 Chapter 2 Chloe Millers 3 Chapter 3 Chloe's First day at Maxs Ltd 4 Chapter 4 Marriage Proposal 5 Chapter 5 The Marriage Contract 6 Chapter 6 Chloe's life7 Chapter 7 Marco's Life 8 Chapter 8 Their First Date 9 Chapter 9 Dinner At The Finns 10 Chapter 10 Meeting In-laws11 Chapter 11 Informing Alan12 Chapter 12 Late for work 13 Chapter 13 Longing for Willy14 Chapter 14 Wedding Eve15 Chapter 15 The wedding day16 Chapter 16 Finally17 Chapter 17 At the reception hall 18 Chapter 18 Hitting on Chloe 19 Chapter 19 Rumors20 Chapter 20 Chloe's whereabouts 21 Chapter 21 Kidnapped22 Chapter 22 Saved23 Chapter 23 At the hospital24 Chapter 24 Flashback25 Chapter 25 Flashback 226 Chapter 26 Sneaking Out 27 Chapter 27 De Ville28 Chapter 28 Shocked!29 Chapter 29 Accusing her dad!30 Chapter 30 Setting Boundaries31 Chapter 31 Paying Her Dad a Visit32 Chapter 32 At De Ville Hotel 33 Chapter 33 Being Rude towards Marco 34 Chapter 34 Guilt 35 Chapter 35 Marco and Willy's meet up 36 Chapter 36 Walking in on Marco 37 Chapter 37 Chloe's Kidnap On the headline 38 Chapter 38 Finding A Solution 39 Chapter 39 The press conference40 Chapter 40 The Kiss 41 Chapter 41 Staying at Marco's house 42 Chapter 42 Mrs Finn and Mrs Millers at Marco's House 43 Chapter 43 Nightmares!44 Chapter 44 At Willy's 45 Chapter 45 Being Cold46 Chapter 46 Mrs Finn and Marco Finn47 Chapter 47 Sharing Stories48 Chapter 48 Thinking Dirty 49 Chapter 49 Apologies 50 Chapter 50 Avoiding Marco51 Chapter 51 Sex At The Office 52 Chapter 52 Fuck Marco 53 Chapter 53 Oh no! Family Meeting 54 Chapter 54 Family Meeting 55 Chapter 55 Where's Marco56 Chapter 56 Alan's Words 57 Chapter 57 Blackmail!58 Chapter 58 No News 59 Chapter 59 His Trauma 60 Chapter 60 Finding Peace In Her Arms 61 Chapter 61 Feeling Betrayed 62 Chapter 62 Ignoring Willy 63 Chapter 63 Visiting Chloe 64 Chapter 64 Anger Or Jealousy!65 Chapter 65 Scared!66 Chapter 66 The Accident 67 Chapter 67 Coma! 68 Chapter 68 Who's She 69 Chapter 69 His Nanny 70 Chapter 70 He's Bisexual 71 Chapter 71 All About Marco's Past 72 Chapter 72 Dissociative Amnesia 73 Chapter 73 Where Have You Been 74 Chapter 74 The Pain Of Being Rejected 75 Chapter 75 She Deserves Someone Better 76 Chapter 76 Agreeing To Chloe's Request 77 Chapter 77 Inviting Mrs Finn Over78 Chapter 78 Sexually Molested 79 Chapter 79 There's No Point Holding On80 Chapter 80 Just A Therapy Session!81 Chapter 81 Dinner With The Finns 82 Chapter 82 Willy's Reminder 83 Chapter 83 Visiting Their Old Home 84 Chapter 84 Evidence!!!85 Chapter 85 Held Hostage 86 Chapter 86 To Their Rescue 87 Chapter 87 Questioning 88 Chapter 88 BackUp Evidence 89 Chapter 89 The Visitor 90 Chapter 90 Rex!!91 Chapter 91 Confession 92 Chapter 92 Rejected 93 Chapter 93 Meeting Up With Willy 94 Chapter 94 Telling Willy Everything 95 Chapter 95 Broken Trust 96 Chapter 96 Talking To Amelia 97 Chapter 97 Staying At Amelia's 98 Chapter 98 Making Up Her Mind99 Chapter 99 Getting A Divorce 100 Chapter 100 Giving In To Her Request