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The Ruthless Heir

The Ruthless Heir


Chapter 1 Blood

Word Count: 1434    |    Released on: 01/01/2023



flesh, that I can't wash it away. I know because I've been trying for well over thirty minutes. My skin burns as the spr

ulnerable. Santiago can't witness me crumbling any more than he already has. The De La Rosa blood runs through my veins, and we are not weak. So I


roken glass beneath my blood-streaked heels. Every muscle in my body aches even though I made it out with little more than a gash on my cheek a

r intentional. I just needed to make things right. I was going to take that woman back to him so he could punish her for the things she'd done. But it didn't work out that way. My f

brought me here, to the IVI compound instead of the safety of the manor. He doesn't want me tainting the halls of our family home with

g to send

y family I've got left. He wouldn't hurt me. Not like this. Not when he knows the pain of losing everyone we've ever loved. O

. I can accept his disappointment in me. I can find a way to bear his shame, which can't be worse than my own. But I will show him ther

don't recognize the person staring back at me. The woman with long black hair and dark e

in. As long as I can stay like

ere. They are a far cry from my usual clothing, but I don't care. I'm exhausted, and I

els my presence, and he certainly heard me open the door, but it takes him a few moments to turn and face me. His expression is

voice forces his name

h to the gut. Even so, I can't accept it. I have to believe there's a pu

," he orders in tru

ng together in my lap. "I will. But I need you to promise you

you anything."

my eyes as I turn and try to wipe them away. So much for being numb. I swore I wasn't going to d

ch a display of emotion. If our father were here right now, he wou

don't tell me now, you will decide for bot

ting the words out before I can think about how p

urns back toward the window, reaching for the cur

even more terrified that he'll follow through on his th

I was just so irritated with you, Santi. To see the way you looked at that Moreno girl. You

able. He can see my jealousy for what it is, but I don't care. Wha

her. And in the end, instead of following through on our pla

's making his own little family with the bl

. So I hired that courtesan who used to work for IVI to lure you away at the gala and seduce you. Ivy was su

desperation for his understanding, I rush to get the rest out. I go on to

ost cost Santiago his life, and I was trying to make it right. That's why I went to t

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