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Poor Billionaire Wife: Who Is The Real Boss?

Poor Billionaire Wife: Who Is The Real Boss?


Chapter 1 The Benton Family

Word Count: 878    |    Released on: 06/02/2023

eans walked out of the train sta

ir behind her ears. Under her arched eyebrows were a pair of bright and pretty eyes, a

itt, right? I'm the driver

he driver into the car casual

s at the woman, whose eyes were clo

s Rupert Bent

was already the CEO of Benton Group. He was way ahead of his peers. He was a vigorous, re

n himself to find a wife for him. And he p

look at Annabel's innocent face and clicked his tongue. He env

ed her eyes and looked at the str

ily's residence soon. The driver

n a well-dressed woman appeared. She eyed Annabe


Mrs. B

ignal, she began to spray the

ert's mother. With her hands akimbo, she ord

of disinfectant. The pungent smell made her nose a lit

ped out im

re the same as the wayward and rude girls they breed over there. I'm doing this because I don't want you to b

yone. She would have walked out if she

pray some disinfectant in y

shoved the servant

at Annabel with a trembling hand

e sofa. She had on designer clothes and bright makeup. Her expression was more condes

, Grandpa has no taste. I can't believe he chose someone like you. Anyway, I heard you came here by train. You should have told us yo

athy with one of he

y member of this fam

ed an entire high-speed train to Douburgh just for her. These arrogant people

e flown here in a priv

lear to these people, but she

nnabel ascending the stairs. She wasn't used

?" Annabel asked

g at a door in the hallway

d in a bedroom as big as this, have you? You should cherish it while livi

nnabel walked into the room and shut the

er be so conceited? Wha

r and asked, "Miss, but isn

cornful glance

in his space or using his things. When he finds out that sh

stened with slyn

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