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Billionaire Secret Wife

Billionaire Secret Wife

Author: Wendara

Chapter 1 Run Away

Word Count: 1284    |    Released on: 10/02/2023

as normal in her house to be exempted whenever they were having any important discussions, but this time around she was going to

the wrong room, but then, she heard her step-sister’s voice, which w

ing married before me

t someone in their house was getting married. She pinned her ears to the door to listen to them better. Her stepmother’s cold voice was what

avourite toy was collected from her. But that was what Ash’s voice was always like when she was displeased by something or when she

the black sheep of the family. Have you ever seen Mi

everyone, not even the press. The reason his family was against people knowing what he looked like was unkno

nge a planned marriage for him. Is that what you want for yourself

I want you to meet someone you love.

there was a murmur. She strained her ears to the door trying to get the juicy details coming from inside, but there was nothing. Then she heard a bang on her head. She felt as if she had left the world and come back. The pain she felt at that moment was intense. She looked up to see what or rather who had cau

at was happening in the world. That was her only means of communication with the outside world, even her usernames were false.

or made her drop her phone under the pillow so fast. Her stepmother hated it whenever she was lying and pressing her phone

ay. “Good morning, miss”. She retrieved her phone from und

was good. How was yours?” She took the seat opp

and let’s eat. I hope you

h nod

e the maid attending to Amelia, especially when there was a visitor that they didn’t want Amelia to find out about or f

mour might be. “Is it about some

d immediately, “Do you know who that person is? Who is getti

It can’t be true. They wouldn’t treat her this way, no matter how illegal she was. That didn’t change t


heard was that you are the one getting

oor and rolling over the bed. Loveth also stopped eating to stare at Amelia. She was convince

r was beginning to bother Loveth, who wasn’t expecting such a reaction from her. She was expecting

ood swing was confusing Loveth, who moved back a bit. She had never seen Amelia change her appearance so far. Well, Amelia had never been told she was going to ma

e between herself and Amelia before asking the quest

se back from Amelia. She w

but there was no one to help her out there. Finally, Amelia

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