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Secrets Of His Amazing Ex-wife

Secrets Of His Amazing Ex-wife


Chapter 1 Divorce

Word Count: 817    |    Released on: 03/04/2023

e had two divorce certificates in her

more than three years. Was

was. But there

he drank too much last night and made love to her for the

. After a while, a black Rolls-Royce pulled up in front of her. Through the half-o

—the perfect desc

notice for Veronica. Come with me to the hospital,

rd. It was tha

orced, that name was

Her voice was soft, but Brenda was

listen to him, was now blatantly defying

bout the current situation of your family? Or do you need me to remind y

amily was going bankrupt, but she wouldn't fo

After the accident, Veronica was seriously injured, and Victor didn't want to explain anything about i

month left before h

on..." Miguel's eyes darkened as if he was

ted by him with

, I'l

eep breath. Expressionless, she ope

at a fast speed. It wasn't hard to te

alms so hard that blo

out and slammed the door hard. Lifting her head, she met Migu

receding petite body. He was surprised that this docile

her face was pale. She had anemia and was afraid

d begged her to save Victor. They said her blood was Rh-negative. As long as sh

n her. However, Victor treated her well. She had once encountered a bully at school. He kept h

t back to the alley, he was alre

Penelope beat her

one additional request, and it was to marry Miguel. The reason was simple. She love

, Veronica Ballard, was displayed on the door. Af

n infusion, her face wasn't wan. She didn'

e is Miguel?" she asked

out the divorce certificate from her bag and showed it to her. "Veronica, I have divorced him. This is the last

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