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Lock You in My Heart

Lock You in My Heart


Chapter 1 Divorce Me For Him

Word Count: 683    |    Released on: 27/04/2023

r almost three months. Did she ever

hotel, a woman wrapped her arms

r? All she has is money, nothing

, oka

e was leaning against the door frame, watching them quietly. Finally, when th

d by the sudden sound of her voice. They quic

e of the bed and raised his head in a panic. When he saw the s

ed nails. She had chosen the color lilac, an

e was with another man last night. And now, she's with you. Who knows how many

reach for her hand, but on second thought, he decided against

have any feelings for her! You're the on


h she had heard the funniest joke

in a club. How dare he be s

pent millions on this shameless guy. Why on earth did she

uite attractive, but now he wa

hing more, Lyla tur

his carefree days were over. He went after her without thinking. "Lyla!

door stopped Nathan from fol

er in. She figured they must be teaching Nathan a lesson, which she thought was a good

guards to do that, so whose

Lyla walked out of the hotel and saw a fa

t was

iedly. When the driver saw her approach, he immediately opened the back door fo

His suit was perfectly tailored to hi

gem cufflinks he was wearing glittered under t

nd the heir to the Harv

smiled. "I'm sorry you

t his tone was as indifferent as ever. "Do you

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