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Substitute Marriage: Falling For My Ugly Wife

Substitute Marriage: Falling For My Ugly Wife


Chapter 1 Married The Ugliest Woman Of The Town

Word Count: 1088    |    Released on: 20/07/2023

omas family, the most powerful clan i

essed man seized the woman in the magnificent

mily trick me into marrying you? You must

k, but her slender and attractive neck fa

… le

e mask, revealing only her strikingly beauti

. let

d, and she sputte

oor with a vicious swing of his arm a

she realized her mask had come loose on on

the door open and wal

the whole affair unfold, rushed to

right? Let me help

u," Milli

ned neck, where she had been gripped so tightly, a

t man M

llie's bridal gown, answered, "Yes. He is

said. Her half-sister, Mia Brown had cried about it, and in order to avoid

were fully functional, and he co

come to regret her decision if she found out that Marcus was not the suppos

ere supposed to consummate their marriage and sat on it. She cle

day without eating, an

Millie's cheeks earlier as Marcus nearly suffocated her we

her thoughts. Her head dipped as she stuttered, "Actually, madam, you're t

cond, Millie w

Marcus's mother had a reputation for being a stickler for the rules, but Millie was already being denied food, even though

od here, then," M

expression bec

three days and that if I don't eat, I'll starve to death in their house. Also

oing to work?" the s

ssuring wink and said

her sofa. He was holding a glass, and his grip on it w

a thorough investigation, we can confirm that the woman you married wasn't Mia b

eleased his grip on the glass,

t two photos and set th

and she looked ethereal. Millie, on the other hand, was scarred horribly on the

they trick me into marrying that woman? Do

xt to Marcus, grabbed the photos. The more sh

was a disabled man, so they had this h

n, rumors had been circulating that it left him with paralyzed legs.

In her heart, she was the one should be Marcus's wife, and it seemed that was still t

down. Here, let me give y

was not announced to the public and

ded family, and they had gone through several rounds of intervie

the Brown family's home, and the ceremony itself was extremely simple. It was common kn

ave the guts to change the bride without the Th

realize he had married someone else until he got

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