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Shotgun Wedding: Married To An Undercover Billionaire

Shotgun Wedding: Married To An Undercover Billionaire


Chapter 1 I Am The Owner Of This Apartment

Word Count: 1308    |    Released on: 10/04/2023

d the sun was bla

out leaflets at the entr

and woman walking hand in hand

ed it was her boyfriend, Santino Byrn

going for an interview today. She

tricted. She hurrie

ight of them when s

her phone rang with a message. It was a tr

piece of jewelry wo

d gasp. It was almost ha

d saw a saleswoman sliding a flashy diamo

quisite. It was the same one Rhonda ha

she saw the contented s

lace, using her money to meet his needs. Bile rose in Rhonda's throat

n't a p

he ring from Cristina's hand, a

nt to return

just bought this ring. What right do you

glared at the woman and sl

ned from the cash counter. He protectively he

llars from your account. Aren't you ashamed of being so

lief. Betrayal, anger, and hu

my hard-earned money on her. Now you are

? Look at yourself." He scrunched his no

stopped buying skincare products and new clothes. Her clothes were old, and her skin had l

em. Santino angrily threw the credit

us you only care about mon

zed her skin, but it was nothing c

ng alone. No man can stand you." With that, Sa

, completed the refund procedure, and went straigh

She and Santino had been living i

gentleman who respected her. Thinki

she began packing Santino's luggage. Rho

hen, her gaze fell on two used condoms.

nd admiration for Santin

d threw them out of the d

tino returned

n he saw the luggage

razy? How dare you

oom. In the past, she thought Santino was the most handsome m

the key to the door, and don't set you

sed to pay the rent before. How can yo

ing the word 'before'. "What about the rent for the last six months and the

nd eventually took dee

d, gossiping about him, Santino felt embarras

ost twenty or thirty thousand dollars. It is just what I make i

away." Cristina took out her phone and walked to Rhonda. "Let's make a deal

much Rhonda had spent on Santino over the years. Cristina believed San

ity and had a promising future. In the past,

stina transferred the money to the

ed to the door. "Hurry up! P

urned around and too

deed to Cristina. It clearly stated that Rhon

nt. I don't want to

o a fit of rage. "You own this apartment, y

houldn't you be paying the rent

underestimated you before," Santino

She regretted spending the money for nothing

'm nothing com

door. "Take your

hat more neighbors were gathering to witness what

t Rhonda, thinking about how to

uo away, Rhonda leaned against t

at she didn't have to do the tedious part-tim

She took it out and found it was

rgery will cost five hundred thousand dollars. I don't

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