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Evil CEO, Please Be Gentle!

Evil CEO, Please Be Gentle!

Author: SNOW

Chapter 1 Who is he

Word Count: 1757    |    Released on: 17/03/2023

with the room card in her hand, whi

ky father and useless sister to live, go and serve Johnny well. Only if Johnny is

ws that Johnny just like little girls? If you don'

r!" This was Lina'

pped her suddenly, and her

en he was stopped by his mother, "Don't hit her! Wha

her room card and

and just prepared the room card to open the

a little rabbit. And the roo

e, is any

responded to her was

l, cautiously moving in, suddenly a

e drilled into L

o sent y

n my own. Sir, I admire you, I like you


Lina out of his

straight on and the pain

the place, Lina gathered the courage t

buttons were removed one by one and soon the

rticularly attractive in the moonlight

an picked Lina up by the wa

her from her slender waist to her ample b*easts cons

like a white lamb waiti

ouldn't help but add to the force when


repeatedly ravaged by the man,

eaned down and kiss

your m

nd the next moment the man's tongue came in and l

ld feel the wetness between her l

ispleased the man, who bit her l

e muffled by the man's kisses, and he could no longer stand her

lender woman, pounding into her body one after another,

he pain and pleasure pounded her brain, it on

ed by her body, thus leav

nd it was only when Lina's voice was h

l Lina felt was pai

ster, Lina quickly put on her clothes, grabbed the money that the man had dumped

t, she hurried into the hospital and saw the nurse ho

She didn't feel pain even the


s a heartb

ase! Open your eyes and lo

y did not give h

ut be a little moved, "Miss Lina, please don't be too

d, she doesn't have t

me through and Lina started to say, "I've done everything you asked me to

ny waited for you all night and you didn't even show u!,My deals wer

slept with last night wasn't Johnny, so

he money the man put on the bedside table that day

ical expenses of her own accord?" Dill leaned o

ing an apple. She squeezed the handle of the fruit knife, peeled

s true." Lina smiled

ughter, then looked out the win

d, she has to think about her current

t her father

lly can not bear to tell her father anyway that how her mother

tion, Dill didn't m

that she would see Celt

g that many people pray to God to do!" Lina returned from outside and

ood, why don't you let your daugh

ut to speak when Lina walk

dying, and you're afraid your daughter won't sur

ked in and looked a little embarrasse

me to marry." L

a looked into Lina's eye

to pull your strings, don't you? My condition is to give my

ed excitedly as he sat in his chair. Lina, however, gestu

mpany, she gritted her teeth and nodded her head in agreement, "Yes, whe

s a

e and pick you up."

n his shoulder. The memories of that year flooded

nd she were expecting her mother to come back for d

ll the shares of the company had been transferred to her name and that

was arguing with her mother for several days day by day, and finally he left

een creating problems for them behind their backs, not allowing their father to have any chance to bounce b

r grandparents' fancy and they forced Celta to marry him, and Dill thought that after bein

held back for a full nine years, just to let

eared after more than ten years. But instead of guilt, Celta forced

crifice Lina for the happ

's eyes had turned when

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1 Chapter 1 Who is he 2 Chapter 2 Replacing3 Chapter 3 Thank you for your cooperation4 Chapter 4 You're Pregnant5 Chapter 5 Annie is not an outsider6 Chapter 6 I don't mind if she's pregnant7 Chapter 7 Wedding Night8 Chapter 8 It must be her!9 Chapter 9 My sister is dead10 Chapter 10 A Familiar Feeling11 Chapter 11 I don't like her12 Chapter 12 She's my wife13 Chapter 13 You hate me a lot 14 Chapter 14 Does he treat you good 15 Chapter 15 Don't forget you're married16 Chapter 16 It's not easy for her to survive17 Chapter 17 Her Past18 Chapter 18 I'm your husband19 Chapter 19 I'm Right20 Chapter 20 Get rid of the baby21 Chapter 21 Annie's Plan22 Chapter 22 What do you expect me to do 23 Chapter 23 I am not Annie24 Chapter 24 I want to adopt you25 Chapter 25 You shouldn't provoke my father26 Chapter 26 You Must Die27 Chapter 27 That's your choice28 Chapter 28 Don't drive me away29 Chapter 29 His Past30 Chapter 30 She's Missing31 Chapter 31 You're Fired32 Chapter 32 You're the only one I have33 Chapter 33 My sister is dead34 Chapter 34 Get Them Out35 Chapter 35 He's finally here36 Chapter 36 Hard work last night37 Chapter 37 He likes Annie38 Chapter 38 Relieving her39 Chapter 39 She Knows It All40 Chapter 40 I am his wife41 Chapter 41 Don't run away from me42 Chapter 42 You are questioning me 43 Chapter 43 Do you love her 44 Chapter 44 Honey, are you jealous 45 Chapter 45 I won't fall in love with anyone46 Chapter 46 You sleep on the floor47 Chapter 47 I kicked them out48 Chapter 48 No one dares to bully you in the future49 Chapter 49 Hansen's Past50 Chapter 50 I will accompany you51 Chapter 51 He's not the baby's father52 Chapter 52 Annie had a miscarriage53 Chapter 53 Let's Divorce54 Chapter 54 I can hold up55 Chapter 55 I don't love you56 Chapter 56 Newborn57 Chapter 57 It's actually him!58 Chapter 58 Is my mother good looking 59 Chapter 59 Mom, I will protect you60 Chapter 60 Stalked61 Chapter 61 I don't owe you any more62 Chapter 62 Make her your woman63 Chapter 63 I came to see my wife64 Chapter 64 I don't approve of you being with him65 Chapter 65 Helping you bully back66 Chapter 66 You're in love with me 67 Chapter 67 Try it with him68 Chapter 68 Uncle, do me a favor69 Chapter 69 He kidnapped me!70 Chapter 70 Be my boyfriend71 Chapter 71 I did nothing wrong72 Chapter 72 He cares about you73 Chapter 73 He's gay 74 Chapter 74 That's not what I meant75 Chapter 75 Looking for a woman outside 76 Chapter 76 Not an accident77 Chapter 77 Just want to see you78 Chapter 78 Take good care of him79 Chapter 79 Who Told You80 Chapter 80 What Happened Five Years Ago81 Chapter 81 What have you been through 82 Chapter 82 Father and daughter talk83 Chapter 83 I am her husband84 Chapter 84 She Knows85 Chapter 85 I'm just so in love with you86 Chapter 86 Escape87 Chapter 87 Your mother is sleeping88 Chapter 88 Good cooperation89 Chapter 89 Good cooperation90 Chapter 90 Don't be so nice to me91 Chapter 91 Is Lina at home 92 Chapter 92 Kidnapped93 Chapter 93 I will be good and not run away94 Chapter 94 Stay away from me95 Chapter 95 Calling yourself a bitch96 Chapter 96 Little Man97 Chapter 97 Death by your hands98 Chapter 98 What a good son of mine99 Chapter 99 He is not a father100 Chapter 100 Divorces Can Be Remarried