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Love Can Build A Bridge

Love Can Build A Bridge


Chapter 1 The Bates Are So Disgusting

Word Count: 1143    |    Released on: 20/07/2023

up to? Are you trying

nstairs with her suitcase, she heard her

continued to go down the steps. When Vanessa reached downstairs, she happened

case at this hour?" Julia asked

for three years, Vanessa knew that Julia w

hings were different now. Since she no longer wanted to be with her husband, Ki

come back here again." Her voice was cold,

attitude, her face darkened at once. "Va

s. "I'm just treating you

ut of shape. "Do you even stil

Vanessa replied, "Sorry, you

speaking, a car honked

don't want them anymore. All that I ask is for you not to contact me again from now

e her daughter-in-law soon when she heard her calling the Bates disgusting. She fle

ke her stay by walking past me on purpose?" As Ella descended the stairs, she saw Julia standing still

ast, Vanessa would always yield to her whenever she mentioned Kill

ay. Julia walked out and only

. "Whatever. Louise is back now. Even if Vanessa doesn't l

ow that Louise Keillor was back, it was

the divorce agreement. After reading the terms,

icole Clarke, clicked her tongue. "

the cap on her

back. There was nothing

rt. Vanessa used to think that she could warm

ong. Louise was the

repaying her favor as the reason. For three years, she had trapped herself in a loveless marriage.

een keeping his virginit

e. No outsiders knew about this, or else she would end up as a laughingstock. Anyway,

th her hand. She didn't wan

nyone would still feel sad when their ten y

g her sunglasses, Nicole said, "We are here. Vanessa, go ahead and do w

"All right. I'

rce agreement at Killian in a way that was bo

Grandwalk Company, nor was it the first time she was treated perfunctorily by the receptionist. "Miss James, you can't enter withou

the past three years, she had never been called Mrs. Bates in hi

here is pretty bad. Why do I have to make an appointment to see Killi

the receptionist before

ng stunned for a moment, she let out a snort. Nevertheless, she was worried that some

was aware of Va

eing her,"

t he needed to attend i

ledgment and left. As soon as Gavin walked ou

made her look gentle and dignified. Gavin

lian's office and said, "Excuse me, Mr. Bates. I need you to sign an agreement." She st

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