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Love Is More Than Words

Chapter 9 Was He Worried That She Might Hurt Maggie

Word Count: 1111    |    Released on: 29/05/2023

aback by the une

ss, and resourcefulness. Could it be that he would truly a

a feeble attempt to shield her from the tru

ckled, her voice tinged with skepticism. "Or is it that you pr

in the presence of Franklyn, found herself ch

anced at her from the corner of his eye, notic

but Cassidy interjected once more, "I have arrived home now.

out a moment's hesitation, Cassidy stepped out of

or echoed its closure, leaving

he observed the firmly shut

uneasy, sensing a touch o

et to issue any instructions. Summoning his courage, Brayan ve

uery, he responded with an air of indifference, "You shall transfer the house

sidy manage to provoke Franklyn's ire earlier? Was

h back seat, his eyes narrowed ever so slightly. "Let us

tly hadn't crossed Cassidy's mind. Before nightfall, a gentl

erce instructed me to transfer it to you. Furthermore, he entrusted me with th

roved to be except

Now, upon learning of Maggie's potential involvement in Alfred

stemmed from a fear that Cassidy

n Cassidy's mind, an overwhelming sen

Brayan, gratitude adorning her voice. "Thank you for delivering this message. I co

. He yearned to offer comforting words but Cassidy dismissed hi

packed her belongings, hastily vacating Fr

held no sway over her. Residing in that abode mer

e that there existed no future between them. Thus, she took it upon her

ondness for her new apartment. Within its walls, she reveled in the freedom from considerin

ng the move, Cassidy settled into her new h

, breaking the silence. Glancing at the caller ID, she discove

r return still impending. Cassidy understood the reason

tated to answer the phone, allowing it to disconnect automatically.

enunciations of Franklyn as an ungrateful brute, accompanied by a pr

e tugging at the corners of her lip

g her utterly drained as she surrendered herse

she found herself greeted by the late

es had been actively searching for her through the company's group chat. Pondering for a moment, she mustered

the morning. Upon learning of her impending resignation, her colleagues displayed

idy's apprentice, forging a connection that transc

ined steadfast in their determination to orchestrate a farewell gathering in her honor. T

delightful Japanese restaurant

dampened by the impending departure of Cassidy. It was not until Cassidy initiated a series of pla

misfortune befell her, causing a sudden stumble that resulted in an unfortu

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