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A Second Chance With My Billionaire Love

Chapter 5 How Many Times Have You Had Sex With Him

Word Count: 812    |    Released on: 19/06/2023

no match against Harold no m

ly glare at Harold with

you think you're good enough for him? Everyone knows that he doesn't get entangled with women easily. Besides... Y

and cursed the man in

d said coldly, "This is

belief. "You deliberately approached Waylen

sdain and spat, "Harold, if you didn't frame my father, I woul

ed at her w

s with him. She didn't want to

. "Rena, you'll be my mistress on

or and left, slamming

derneath her. She leaned her head against the wall


had done so much for Harold, bu

s toying her feelings since the very be

o even always daydreami

this, she cr


ulled her back

d up. The sight that greeted h

t only Vera and her hus

to a dark blue shirt

ing about Harold. She quickly came up with something and said, "It st

ay golf some other time. Mr. Fowler, can you give Rena a r

t Rena's red, te

he finally nodd

ief, but at the same time,

ted by Harold, and now, she had no

up. On the contrary, the thunder and lightning were merciless. Th

op in front of Rena. She didn't have an umbrella, but she didn't dar

entlessly. Despite moving as fast as she could, she was

felt a little uneasy, fearing that

at her. Without saying a

take a while, and the air conditioner in the car was turned on. It didn't take l

ight to turn green, Waylen thre

ked him w

at the warmth. But Waylen didn't turn off the air con

y, so traffic was

long drag, asking casually, "How

ened at th

ason to be dishon

After a while, his eyes wande

ed to ask casually, "And how many

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