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Tame Me, My Brother-in-Law

Tame Me, My Brother-in-Law



Word Count: 1162    |    Released on: 12/06/2023


nto my hair, and his hands were everywhere on my body. My hands automatically wrapped around

However… in the presidential suite of a five-star hotel, the heat was on full blast the moment I allowed Sebastian Anderson to kiss me. I

his squeals of unadulterated delight served as a motivation for me to keep going. I had never exp

ck, before he interlaced them with mine over my head while he did so. I was giving my all to someone who d

and collarbone. Back when I was in high school… I accidentally heard my neighbor talking wi

y face and gave me a slow but passionate kiss. After that, he gave m

rpowered the discomfort. Then, in one rapid motion, he tugged my dress down, exposing my breasts and stomach. The mom

ed and I blushed even more. A gasp left my lips when

suming me. His tongue played with my nipple, flicking, sucking, trailing it in a circular motion. Without stoppi

chant his name silently. He pinched my pink nub, causing me to let out a muffled cry in response. The next few moments were

lay, I don’t know how I was going to survive the next one. But then, as I stared into those crystals with a cobalt blue hue, I re

ter Brylee. Her boyfriend looked dashing with his perfectly built body, with broad sho

passionate kiss on my lips. "Shit!" he cursed, his breath ho

that he was attempting to exert control over himself but failing miserably. It was

d how I was going to experience all of the firsts that were waiting

xperiences for a single gentleman. Would it b

cally nauseous. He's my first kiss… and would be my first time… but not my first love… because he’s my twin sister's boy

stop!" He growled impati

ey for my sick mother. Wrapping my arms around his neck, I drew him in closer to m

e ravaged my mouth again before his lips trailed down to my neck, the area between my breasts, a

ave for the fact that I was still wearing my underwear. His attention was drawn to it… and then he smiled gently, which gave me the impression that I was about

ut cover the most intimate part of my body

do? Is it right to have sex

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