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The Wolf's Strange Companion

The Wolf's Strange Companion

Author: Lily Holly

Chapter 1 I

Word Count: 1976    |    Released on: 15/06/2023

ountain, was cursed years ago. At least, tha

this was a fox. A fox so powerful, capable of cursing an entire mountain... Lowell, as a strong, dominant wolf, deeply

hat was frightening. He hadn't heard of any deaths either, but he saw firsthand, two months ago, three warriors returning traumatize

demonic fox that protected those lands and find out what w

t friend, who was on top of the wagon, tying the sacks of wheat

ed?" He asked his friend. Daire stopped w

ed to those men, I don't ever want to go anywhere near that

er years, it never happened, why would it happen now? Besides, if a w

wizard fox might discover our r

their lands before, but they never managed to take anything. The treasure

er the wizard is, he cou

e ag

climbing into the wagon. They nodded,

ded, indicating the horses sho

y both walked through the village. "Would you like to have

on his face. "Kayle, the most beautiful lupine

twitched his frown. "There have be

ngers. "But none of them were good enough; Kayle

s say the

ould be doing the same. I've never seen you with any l

ched his no

fact, he thought he was the weirdest dominant of them all. A few lupines ventured to confess their feelings to him; he even felt the stares sometimes, bu

ntic, finding his interlocutor, ma

e like

s were broken when he stumbled, an

hat? Distra

ced but soon smiled. He

e his interconnected one, just as his brother, the Alpha Ishm

d the one he wanted. His hopes were getting higher and higher, and he had even built his

uiet tone. "I have my plans and goals in life. I am not int

and patted Low

e best parts of life! But I respect your

e of the village elders, who was sitting in front of the herb st

re to talk to Yan" Lowell said, l

ised an

nt to imagine what you'r

matically and appr

ister Yan. May I s

nodded softly. "Of course, Lowell

"What about the mysterious fox they say is there?" asked Lowell, curi

s said to be cursed, but I believe there is more to it than meets the

n the wizard fox?" Lowell inquir

comprehension." Answered Yan with a thoughtful expression. "But I don't think it'

un down his spine as

brother's house, but all along the way, the stran

s to hug him. The boy was no more than four years old and was an exact copy of Ishmael. He had dark sk

oking the child's hair. The chil

l?" Olivia's voice t

uge eight-month belly and expecting her second child. And even though she looked tired, sitting in th

s heart

fun." He placed the child on his feet and crouched down in front of Olivia.

nd medicated me. I just feel sleepy all day; ask Mayar; I've dozed off s

ght!" Maya

y." Olivia continued. "

nds, and since Lowell had always protected and cared for her, eve

that thrilled him. He smiled at Olivia, who smiled back, her brown eyes beautiful and bright. Lowell cleare

Mayar ran to hug him, just as Lowell had done, and Ishmael took his son in his la

ere already. I need to talk to


ean over Olivia and kiss her, whispering something loving to her. Seei

hile Lowell and I make dinner." Is

gged Olivia, who giggle

t to remember what it smells like." Olivia

aid it humorously. "It'll be a

ds?" Lowell asked his brother

e fresh vegetables. "You know, at this stage of pregnancy, she gets more and more demanding, and I need to do e

nothing to worry about." Lowell began chopping

, who couldn't hold back his smile. It was fu

th water. "Olivia is lucky to have you." He turned to see a

nt, dignified, and very strong man. He was not the leader for nothi

re you handling the responsibility of b

t first, it was a challenge. The pressure of leading the pack and ensuring everyone's sa

ily brings a special meaning to our lives. It's amazing to see

Lowell. It means a lot to hear that from you. You have also been a

As the delicious aromas of food wafted through the kitchen, the brothers continued to share stories and reminisce about special moments in their lives.

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