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The Billionaire’s Delinquent Bride

The Billionaire’s Delinquent Bride


Chapter 1 Prologue

Word Count: 1107    |    Released on: 24/06/2023


in the world because he paid for a private charter p

nkind, I'm going to murder him. Then ask Dad for understanding and forgivene

I jump out and march into the glossy skyscraper that house

the marble floor. My entourage follows. They're my mom's spies, but I tolerate th

y every move to my mom. She's rushing forward to hit the button for the executive e

e the special glossy black elevator anyway because my doting dad, who's chairman of t

es. The elevator doors shut, and Ms. Katherine hits the button f

riating, but it's not worth getting wrinkles for. No. Instead of having

opens, I walk out. Ms. Katherine follows, along with two bodyguards. Ms. Lucia, th

se and heels. She even has pearls in her ears. Her face is covered in multiple

available " I raise a hand. "Don't. I know he doesn't have an

something better ready access to my father. He indulges me

e at Golden Gate knows this, and they suck up to me some overtly, some s

n't end well for her. I open the double doors to Charles corner office. It's enormous

twenty percent of the country's population. It's a massively urban lands

a hot underwear model whose face is so gorgeous it's gotta be Photoshopped.

es to work late. Charles looks up from a black leather folio, a small frown on his face. Unlike me, h

ok decent in the bespoke Italian suits he loves more than his spouse. "Sofia," he s

r brother who ruined my shopping! Do you know how humiliating it is to have all your cards declined?" "Hmm.

rop him thirty-nine stories. But the glass looks thick. So probably not, assuming my anger

tter yet, poison the specialty snacks in the break room next door. Ms. Helen orde

the chair and comes around the desk then gestures at one of the couches in the sea

long the back of his seat, he regards me coolly. "You didn't go to the resta

tsun Date. I told her there was no way I was going on that particular type of blind date. Ma

ant me to have you married by the end of the year. I'm going to do whatever it takes. I already ha

and I don't want your assistant planning m

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