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The Billionaire's Pretend Fiancée

The Billionaire's Pretend Fiancée

Author: Debbierlea

Chapter 1 Unexpected suitor

Word Count: 1404    |    Released on: 25/06/2023


y hands on the apron that was

gone quite t

myself on my bed and sleep till the next day, a

d the counter to rest my aching legs bri

but I scoffed inwardl

being a sloth," Daphne Humphreys, a co-worker who was also t

you cared to know about the affairs of the restaurant, you would know that we are

didn't want to take m

ne who could easily ge

her Daphne or the bos

n't worry, I will report you to Richard. How dare you speak to me in such a

insult that was threatening to tear out of my

e eye. "I never spoke rudely to you. I was just

go now, break is over. Excuse me." And with that, I tr


reak. My break

as dumb as fuck, I

ried the tray of piping hot food t

Daphne's piercing gla

it, I was done wit

d them into my assigned locker before

bed my bag and le

my heart to throb with trepidatio

small house situated a few blocks awa

s, and desperately hoped for the day

disgraceful alcoholic lifestyles, and whenever I confronted them about it, they

o get my own apartment but I was yet to s

to the house open while inwardly hop

yes when I turned aroun

en heads were standing in front o

its with dark sun shades to match

brief moment as I tenta

m a loan shark again? Had they co

ll bowed to me in unison whic

hat was

hat do you want?" I asked

nymore and instead, t

t hammer violentl

nd because I could hear low mu

rtured? Who else was ins

ety, I hurriedly brushed past one of

my statement got hitched in my throat as

de a strange, old man and they were chatting anim

end. He looked too wealthy to

nsive suit and a cigar in between his fingers, he loo

for quite some time now," Mum spoke with a false cheerf

ng wasn

t time I was called "Sofie" by m

alled me a sl

uch a dazzling beauty." The man nod

to prevent myself from ru

's splitting image." Dad said and they all laughed hear

" Dad asked, in his usual demeanin

to see me. Don't worry about that." The man waved him

mother." Mum said and somehow, m

"Alexander, this is Sofie, our daughter, and Sofie, this is Sir Alexander Gu

om Dad and Mum to Alexander who still had that

by that? Who is whose soo

and you were okay with it, what is with the s

the fuck would I have agreed with you? When it's no

hat they may have told you but I never agreed to this bullshit of an engagement. I

we? I will take good care of you, my darling. I will treat

ried to you. Excuse me." I retorted and darted one final glare at my par

uards as I stepped past them and out of the gate with a

at that time of the night but one que

ell had ju

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