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Capturing The Angel of Death

Capturing The Angel of Death


Chapter 1 The Quinns

Word Count: 1187    |    Released on: 30/06/2023

all hope and happiness. To those who had given up on life, it was like the first rain of the year; A kind shower that ended the heat and suffering of their miserable life. But

f death to heed to them. To the Quinn Family, transcending to a higher being was the purpose of living and this had driven the family into different acts that

hat they had made it a habit to offer the first male son of every family to this their god and in exchange, death was supposed to welcome them to the afterlife with more care. To them they had conquered

he had grown up with his Mother and Gracia Quinn and his African American father Immanuel Tunde. He was a bastard, born out of wedlock only so that the accursed tradition

nt topics in the world he existed in. Not only have the Quinn Family influenced their town, their stupid tradition and belief have given r

se of his work. He wasn't ashamed of being a Quinn, he only despised the fact that he was seen as evil incarnate no matter how

He had started his own little group. Anti-Quinn. Even though the name of his group directly opposed even he himself, he never considered changing his name. The Anti-Quinns existed for a reas

d been elaborately and skillfully engraved on his skin. Most of the symbols of were those of the church and the wor

he had dedicated his to saving lives, and that meant countering the beliefs of the Quinn.

man. The only thing that distinguished him from the rest was his involvement with demons. Apart from his work, he lived his life freely. The only problem he had with his life was the daily and unen

had the potential to transcend. This rule had been saving since he began the Anti-Quinns movement, but he knew it won't be long before they eventually

his was his first meal of the day. He had been woken up by incessant ringing of his phone and had received an exorcism work the instant he

returned from his first exorcism, and had just reme

m the exorcism, but he had promised the man to do so himself, and he couldn't afford to break his own promise. He threw his shirt over

apprentice on the way here and sooner or later, the boy would be here. For now, he wa

rom a distant barn. This was the man he was suppo

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