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A Bride for The Billionaire

A Bride for The Billionaire


Chapter 1 The Annual General Meeting

Word Count: 698    |    Released on: 22/07/2023

ched a consensus. Shareholders objected to Mrs. Sonya Jonas relinqu

be in the hands of someone who has no he

act that he was her late husband's brother, she might have o

ho founded this company. Therefore, it's only natural to appoint Andrew Jonas to the highest leadership positio

family here. We don't want this family's company to

and ask Andrew to take over so that she can enjoy her old age more leisurely. At times like this, she laments the tragic deat

l into the hands of outsiders," Mrs. So

you still have to fulfill the CEO's duties. If you decide to pass this responsibility to Andrew, what guarantee do we have that the company will still be under control twenty years from now? Or should we change the company's ru

ompany's establishment that the majority shareholder and the highest leadership position must be from Adam Jonas's lineage. Howe

ther, spoke up. "Shouldn't we just abolish that silly rule so that even if Andrew is un

descendants?" Mrs. Sonya retorted loudl

eaming of establishing a shopping center in the middle of a plantation. When one supermarket stood and attracted crowds of visitors, one by one, her husband's brothers came closer an

will succeed me," Mrs. Sonya said

thur tried

hur could finish his sentence. "Andrew will be getting

ble that Andrew will get married? Has he already proposed to Rose

's meeting is over." She left the room, leaving behi

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