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In Love With A Lycan Alpha

In Love With A Lycan Alpha

Author: Sunshine39

Chapter 1 Silent night

Word Count: 1160    |    Released on: 31/07/2023

lond curly hair was tied in a messy bun. Her pink li

ght her drowsiness. She wanted to hea

mother kissed her forehead before she stood up. But Alice's li

story, please, pretty please" she ple

dozing already, I promise to tell you the whol

to protest but was int

have school tomorro

h made her mother smile. Her mother kissed her forehead once ag

iling of her room. She couldn't seem to fall a

ng was heard from the living room after a while, making Alice yelp. S

the door of her room,

name softly. "Mommy…" She called

room. She became frozen with shock by what she saw. She saw a glimpse

ng for her to bear. Her parents lay side by side lifeless. Alice co

o where Alice laid on the ground, he stared

lice's little body up, h

hey had a child, you fool"

emerged from the side of the living room

ad a child" The red-eyed m

ed, glancing at the lifeless

hands, she looked so innocent and fragil

hild," He said,

are about that" he s

appened was just a nightmare. Her eyes met a pair of blue ey

ing his elongated canines from his

tried to calm her down, but i

-eyed man snapped at Ali

is terrified" The man

f you than me" The red-eyed man muttered

a way to escape from the hands of the man, but

he couldn't breathe, let alone scream for h

s brea

as she was just a little girl. She felt her vision go blurry, as

man with the elong

re releasing Alice. Her little body collapse

e ends" growled the red-

ed leave her be" the man

let's just go before people notice something i

man still st

leave" The man turned back to look

are done" he growled at

ide with shock as s

with the elongat

ed Face curiously, she was star

e you" The man gest

ack to his human form, a s

hift". No ordinary human could see shapeshifters

he man snarled, clenchi

useful to us" The re

ile ago, despicable shapeshifters"

y!" The red-eyed man

u are going to regret your words" H

eld his neck,

what if she talks?" The red eyes a

y would only think she has b

mself from the grip of the

sound of bone cracking

d shot. the tormenting screams didn't help her feel be

impering now. Alice's eyes fluttered open slowly, as she glanced at the lifeless bo

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