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CEO Is Ex-Boyfriend

CEO Is Ex-Boyfriend


Chapter 1 Birthday party

Word Count: 1040    |    Released on: 06/09/2023

Mr. Brian. He is the chairman of the Farrah Jewelry Group. In addition to the je

rld of jewelry, so the guests at the part

n - wife of Mr. Brian - standing in fron

d make sure not to let a

prepared the food, others decorated the

the skirt was short to the knees, showing off her white legs, and the back part was pulled. endlessly long. The dress

re, and talented. On the surface, she looks w

earing is the dream of

er and mother can give her anything she

jewelry, credit cards... To protect her beloved daughter

girls. But, she is not happy living in a

s only know how to flatter and compliment her. They use the best words for her, treat Cindy

er, she still had to smile, thank

nds. She lifted her skirt and walked

ome out of the door, all the lights were on her. Wit

e, Cindy went out into the garden, b

of roses, looking up at

. "Today is your birthday,

- the only friend in Cindy's life, who could be

ind and takes care of her. Someone she can tru

nd. In terms of wealth, the Dennis family

illiam is the heir to the Dennis corporation but he doesn't want to follow the wa

hugged William excitedly. "I ke

jam, I'm late. The party has just started. Tell me, why ar

current life one

who want to be in your positi

o wear that. I can't have a life of my own. my will. Dress, house, car... I have it all but for what? I have no friends except

t you can create your own joy and change your life. Come on, don't be sad.

r lips and said

ectly. Cindy laughed. "Every time it's my birthday,

e box from his shirt pocket and handed it to

what was inside. "The 'Milky Way' necklace, there are only five in the wo

here's nothing I can'

Way' for a long time. Thank you ver

ing shiny objects an

lry from her parents. She wants to be a jewelry designer like Cartier in

autifully, radiating cool energy, a combi

melted in happiness. In fact, he has been

Any girl wants to marr

end and a brother whom s

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