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Tragic Obsession

Tragic Obsession


Chapter 1 Love Can Be Most Painful

Word Count: 838    |    Released on: 09/09/2023

village. The village that had brought him so much fame and pleasure an

she had, he would not have believed them at all b

popular as he was and who may not be as viri

out it but the thoughts ke

en would do anything to get his attention. He had taken all that for granted until he met her a

new it might look like he was a coward running away from facing the truth,but he had faced the hard truth

by all was now left shattered by the girl he had made the mistake of falling in love wit

who were older than him found

hool with him made him their school son whil

re the heartbreak

well what desire and passion was. He had been tau

ventually, it was like

her his queen but it was that same queen who later be

r away from the source of his heart break

stion was actually, was he ever going to believe

n explos

is life nor his hear

rated!' he sa

ng quite well w

s called him a bad boy expecially after their exploits in bed but that

ng a playboy or he would just live a life of a hermit

eek and wiped them with his hands and that was

ncreased as he saw her face in his head and the lips he had kissed so tenderly and how her bod

At this rate,you might just find yourself

red that a

e will ever love her like I did. But by then, it will be too late becau

p. He alighted, took his luggage and walked into the might in search of his elder b

that trip was going to change

g him and he would find that he was

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1 Chapter 1 Love Can Be Most Painful2 Chapter 2 Gift's New Toy3 Chapter 3 Felix Meets 4 Chapter 4 First Love5 Chapter 5 A Steaming Relationship6 Chapter 6 Heartbroken 7 Chapter 7 Determined to Move on8 Chapter 8 Fed Up with Her New Toy9 Chapter 9 Desperate Situations, Desperate Measures10 Chapter 10 Are You Still....11 Chapter 11 Feeding Her Obsession 12 Chapter 12 Wild Cat13 Chapter 13 Driven Back to the Village14 Chapter 14 Meeting Old Friends15 Chapter 15 Gift's Visit and Explaination16 Chapter 16 A Dump 17 Chapter 17 Rejected!18 Chapter 18 Erotic Vengeance19 Chapter 19 Feeling Insecure20 Chapter 20 Sisterly Hate21 Chapter 21 Professional Gossips22 Chapter 22 Gladys' Desire for Felix23 Chapter 23 Pesterings24 Chapter 24 Mercy Has a 25 Chapter 25 Conspiracies26 Chapter 26 Mary Starts Acting Up27 Chapter 27 Mary Still Acting28 Chapter 28 Mary Tells Felix of Her Feelings for Him29 Chapter 29 Mary Feels Rejected 30 Chapter 30 Mary's Jealousy of Her Sister Grows31 Chapter 31 Reminiscing 32 Chapter 32 Reminiscing (2)33 Chapter 33 Joseph Advises Felix34 Chapter 34 Sought After for Her Obsession 35 Chapter 35 Sought After for Her Obsession (2)36 Chapter 36 Erotic Embrace37 Chapter 37 An Erotic Thanks38 Chapter 38 Falling for the Nymph39 Chapter 39 Still Erotically Engaged 40 Chapter 40 Ravishing Her41 Chapter 41 Leaving Her for His Friend42 Chapter 42 Not Getting Enough of Her43 Chapter 43 Need to Know Her Better44 Chapter 44 Mum's Experiences and Counsel45 Chapter 45 Her Counsel Made His Mind Up for 46 Chapter 46 Love of a Woman is Powerful47 Chapter 47 Love for a Woman is Powerful (2)48 Chapter 48 Will Her Secret Be Revealed 49 Chapter 49 Confessing it To Favour Self50 Chapter 50 A Web of Lies51 Chapter 51 Farewells 52 Chapter 52 Both Girls Already Missing Their Loves53 Chapter 53 The Guys Stuck with the Thoughts of Their Girls54 Chapter 54 Her Sister plotting to Take Her Love55 Chapter 55 Mary Pays Her Sister's Fiance a Visit56 Chapter 56 Set - Up57 Chapter 57 Framed58 Chapter 58 Framed (2)59 Chapter 59 Love Without Trust 60 Chapter 60 Mary's Plot is a Success61 Chapter 61 Bragging and Feeling Smug62 Chapter 62 Fury63 Chapter 63 More Schemes to Keep the Lovers Apart64 Chapter 64 Shattered Heart 65 Chapter 65 Seeds of Discord66 Chapter 66 Reconciled67 Chapter 67 I Trust You Completely 68 Chapter 68 Getting Really Hot69 Chapter 69 Wait a While Longer70 Chapter 70 Excited Beyond Endurance71 Chapter 71 Opposition72 Chapter 72 Not Approved 73 Chapter 73 Why Keep It a Secret 74 Chapter 74 Who Were You With 75 Chapter 75 Are You Monitoring Me 76 Chapter 76 His New Apartment 77 Chapter 77 You're Not Ready for Our Intimacy78 Chapter 78 I Came to Visit a Friend79 Chapter 79 I Could Send Him to Prison80 Chapter 80 Why Does Love Have to Be So Complicated 81 Chapter 81 Your Suitor and His Family Are Coming82 Chapter 82 Unsure of Her Decision83 Chapter 83 I'm Indebted to You for Your Honesty84 Chapter 84 Tension in the Home85 Chapter 85 Have a Little Faith and Be Patient86 Chapter 86 Sister Plotting Against Sister 87 Chapter 87 Marry Mr Younger Daughter But Leave the Elder88 Chapter 88 Deep Need89 Chapter 89 Fear of Failing Him90 Chapter 90 Your Dad Tried to Me Off91 Chapter 91 You Are the Sweetest!92 Chapter 92 Afraid of Losing Her93 Chapter 93 Sweet Intimacy At Long Last94 Chapter 94 Sweet Obsession 95 Chapter 95 Rejected Marriage Proposal96 Chapter 96 Losing Concentration 97 Chapter 97 Enjoying Intimacy with Him98 Chapter 98 Harder! Harder!99 Chapter 99 Having Sex as Breakfast 100 Chapter 100 Thoughts and Decisions