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Always There: Win My Ex-wife Back

Chapter 2 How Ridiculous

Word Count: 832    |    Released on: 31/12/2020

"Mr. Roberts, I'll get rid of them right away," Michelle said as she glanced at the esteemed man straight in the eyes. She never cared about anything else ever since the passing of her parents in the tragic car accident. "I believe you have no interest in keeping such 'decorations', right?"

Michelle had been married to him for more than a year already, but Gerard hardly ever came home to see her. She could very well count with one hand the number of times that her husband visited their household. So, if those things were not decorations, then what were they for? Scenery enhancements?

"Do whatever you want with them," said Gerard. He was not affected at all by Michelle's sarcasm, but his eyes were locked on her like a scope. He always knew that Michelle was as stunning as a goddess, but it had been quite a while since he laid a good leisurely look at his wife. Today, she was even more beautiful in her pink dress that matched the season's weather, her crystalline eyes glimmered like spring water as she stared at him closely, and her rosy cheeks did not lose the adorable dimples that flashed whenever she smiled. Michelle was only in her early twenties, but here she was, ending her short-lived marriage with Gerard and officially becoming a divorced woman. Was all of this his fault?

Gerard awakened his senses to halt his overthinking, so that he would not change his mind. He knew the reason why he married Michelle, and it was still clear in his memory, but he had already granted her wishes. She now had all the freedom and wealth to herself! They were like two intersecting lines that meddled with each other at a certain point, before they continued to move on with their paths.

"Damien, you can drive Miss Greenwood back home now," said Gerard.

"No, thank you. I'll be fine on my own, Mr. Roberts. I plan to buy a luxury car for myself actually. After all, the alimony you gave me is a hefty sum of money. Even if I decide to slack off for the rest of my life, the riches will be enough for me to enjoy my luxurious lifestyle up to my last dying breath!" Michelle waved the divorce agreement in her hand like a flag of victory. She turned her back against Gerard and left the office in a jiff.

The moment she was out of the room, Michelle rushed to sit on the nearest sofa in the lounge, firmly gripping the divorce papers in her hand. She whispered to herself, 'I will show you, Gerard. Even without the Roberts and the Greenwoods, I will have a happy life of liberty! I can finally live a free life.'

After taming her thoughts, she stood up and walked out of the company doors at once. It was not until then that Damien returned to Gerard's office to report what he had observed.

"Sir, she has left the building. She appeared to be disheartened, but it faded away as soon as she calmed down," said Damien. He had been working for Gerard for more than five years already. He knew everything about their marriage, but today was the first instance where he had come into close contact with Michelle. To him, Michelle was unusually special.

"Okay, then tell the lawyer to finalize the papers as soon as possible," said Gerard. He gave his instruction with no eye-contact as he flipped through the pages of the documents in front of him.

"Right away, sir," Damien said as he left Gerard's office immediately.

Spring came a little late this year. Michelle casually wandered around the most bustling streets of Binfield with her luxury bag as she ignored the flashy scenery around her. Since Gerard divorced her, she became as free as a dove, but she appeared to be lost in her own world.

No couple in the world would have a life like theirs. They were strangers with no chemistry. It was as if they came from two incompatible universes. But now that they had parted ways, she felt a sense of relief in her chest. It was a good choice to divorce him. She could do whatever she desired! Without the shackles of the Greenwoods, she was finally out of her cage. She could be her genuine self once more.

It had been more than a year since she got married to Gerard, but they seldom saw each other. He never even bothered asking her out to the various banquets and occasions he had attended because he already had other women to accompany him. Sometimes, a random debutante would go along with him. At the next event, he would show up with some popular starlet by his side. In the instance after that, he would be with a youthful fashion model. Michelle never turned up in any of those jamborees, and she was his wife! How ridiculous was that?

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