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Always There: Win My Ex-wife Back

Chapter 4 Beautiful Man

Word Count: 823    |    Released on: 02/01/2021

She couldn't do anything but look at the man in pink in front of her. It was rare for her to see a man dressed in pink without looking feminine. The color instead brought about a certain level of charm and elegance. The vibe the man gave off was completely different from that of Gerard.

It was not until the sound of sirens came from a distance that Michelle snapped back to her senses. She remembered the robber she beat up just moments ago. At the thought of this, her anger suddenly welled back up to fill her being. She kicked the man's rear again with her high heels and he immediately cried in pain. She didn't stop until she could vent all her anger before the police finally arrived.

"Hahaha! Hahaha! Hahaha!" The man in pink suddenly burst into a hysterical laughter. "It's been such a long time since the last time I saw an interesting woman like you."

"You— I. . ." She didn't know what else to say to this strange man. She had always been talkative. What was wrong with her today?

"See you later, gorgeous!" The man took a look at the police car approaching from afar and smiled right after he said those words. Then he proceeded to turn around to leave at once with his car.

Michelle couldn't help but frown, seeing the car speeding away and gradually vanishing from her sight. Now that he had left, who could testify for her? What should she do now? What should she say to the police? After all, it was the robber who was lying on the ground and could barely move now. If the culprit framed her and said that she beat him for no reason, what should she do to prove her innocence?

"Miss, someone called the police just now and informed us of a robbery here. . ."

She continued to ponder about her next move and it wasn't until she heard the policeman's voice that she came to her senses. She pointed at the robber and said, "It's him. He tried to mug me and I barely managed to catch him. I had to chase him for about two blocks."

The police officer proficiently picked up the man on the ground after hearing her words. "You again?" She knew immediately after hearing the policeman's remark that the robber was a repeat offender. It seemed that she had worried too much.

After Michelle went to the police station and testified against the robber, she left. She laughed at the sight of her messed up self. It was really not her lucky day today. To start the day, she somehow felt upset in the morning. When she arrived at Gerard's place, the first thing she got was a divorce. Finally, when she wanted to just walk alone for a while, she ran into a mugger. She suddenly realized that she must at least visit her parents' graves. Could it be that their afterlife was too monotonous that they deliberately interfered with her life?

When she walked over to an ATM, she remembered that Gerard told her about the alimony that would be paid in an hour. She proceeded to check with her card on hand. She was shocked at the sight of the amount of money sent to her account. She knew beforehand that Gerard was rich, but she didn't expect him to be this rich. She carefully counted the numbers on the card. The money was enough for her to live through the rest of her life.

She sacrificed a marriage for freedom and money. It seemed that it was not entirely a loss on her side, but a blessing in disguise. 'House. Yes.' She smiled at the thought of their house. From then on, it was her own home.

Their nominal wedding house was a duplex apartment within a high-end community. Both the location and the property management were at the top in Binfield. The people living here were either rich, powerful, or both. The main reason why Gerard bought the house here was that it was close to his office. Maybe it was because he had already expected that she would come to his office faster when they got divorced one day? But such a thing didn't matter anymore.

Michelle smiled while looking at the home she decorated herself. It was the first genuine smile from her heart after a whole day. She found a box and threw all of Gerard's things into it. Some of them hadn't even been used at all, but she didn't care as long as she could see nothing that would remind her of him in the apartment. Then she proceeded to call some security personnel to dispose them. It was already evening when she managed to get everything done. She leaned against the comfort of the sofa to rest. She felt exhausted and she slowly fell asleep.

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