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The Billionaire Casanova in Love

The Billionaire Casanova in Love



"Why? I know it's not that you actually care about me. Then why? Tell me." I demanded looking down. "Be MINE, Caroline" he said. I always loved the way my name rolled on his tongue. I saw him coming towards me as I took small steps backwards until my back hit the wall. I could see his face getting closer to mine to reach my lips. Caroline Brook is the daughter of a wealthy business man. She has it all, looks, beauty, intelligence, money-of course! She's a true believer of LOVE. She lived a carefree life until a tragedy strikes hard. Daniel Rochester is one of the richest business man in New York City. He's the perfect definition for a Casanova. He never was a relationship kind of guy. And he rather chose to believe in one night stands. What happens when circumstances make these completely opposite people meet? Is there going to be an explosion of volcano of hatred or rain of love? Are they gonna make it together till the end?

Chapter 1 Prologue 1


DISCLAIMER: All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

Caroline's POV (Caroline's pic)

"..... .. this, this, this one and this. Oh yeah! Even the royal blue, red and purple dress I already showed you." I said pointedly at the saleslady.

You're right. Yes! I am shopping at 11 in the morning. Sooo fun! Well that's the only fun thing I can do when you have a degree but you have such sweet parents who don't want to see you working.

Just then, I saw my cell vibrating. 'Mom? Why would she call me now?' I thought. Anyways I picked her call.

"Hey Mom, why you-" I wasn't able to complete my sentence as I heard Mom's worried voice "Carol come to the hospital soon. Now!"

"What?! Why?! Mom what's going on? What happened?" I asked.

"Just get here to the hospital. I don't have time to explain things to you!" She almost screamed at me and cut the call.

Okaaay.... That was something!

After I reached the hospital I called mom and she told me to come to the second floor. When I saw mom, I had never seen her soo stressed. I also saw my dad's lawyer standing there holding my younger brother, Dylan.

Dread filled me. "Mom, where's dad?" I asked.

She started trembling and burst into tears and fell to the floor before I could catch her. She then pointed out towards the door in front of us.

I stood up to reach the door. And what I saw inside was what I feared the most. I saw my father lying lifeless on the hospital bed. I went near him and sat on the bed. I tried to shake his shoulders. But he wouldn't wake up.

I didn't know what to do....


1 week later

It was my father's funeral today. Now I was trying to get my mom to sleep.

Somehow after 2 hours I gave her sleeping pills and tucked her into bed.

Just as I was going to my room I heard a sob coming from Dylan's room. There I saw Dylan crying his eyes out, I went and hugged him trying to console him.

The question he asked next got me thinking. "What happens now?"

I don't know when but he was already asleep. So I switched off the lights and closed his door.

In my room, I sat in front of the mirror looking at myself. I felt something warm fall on my hands. That's when I realized I was crying. I didn't cry when I saw my father in the hospital that day. Not even during his funeral.

But I wanted to be strong for my family. Mamma is already in the worst state she could ever be in. And Dylan is too young to be having such experiences in his life. Too young to loose his father. Its on me to take care of them now. But what's haunting me was Dylan's question. 'What happens now?'


Another few weeks later

I was sitting in the lawyer's office. He informed me that the person who was responsible for the accident was drunk and has managed to escape out of the country. But I already have lost my father. Would I get him back if that drunkard is found. I was totally uninterested about that. Even Mamma said the same.

Then he read out the will for me. Dad had written all his property and everything in the name of Mamma and me. And for Dylan but only after he turns 18.

Same day, in the evening I was sitting in a cafe thinking about what I can and how I will take care of mom and Dylan. I might have a degree in Business but I never worked, not even a simple job. How will I run a company all by myself?!

I called Katie and asked her to meet me at the cafe. She was my best friend since childhood. I needed help, advice. Well I needed Katie now!

She was here within 15 minutes. She promised to help me with the company. But you know what?! She is worse than me! How was I going to manage.

Just then I saw a handsome hunk walking into the cafe. So tall, maybe about 6 feet I guessed. His grey eyes which a had a bluish glint which made me fall deep into them. I think he was British or maybe even American? I don't know..... I smiled. I smiled after weeks because of him.

'Oh my God! What am I even thinking'

Just then I looked at Katie who was giving me the knowing look! I just shrugged. Then she suddenly started squealing looking at something. When I looked at what made her squeal, it was the same guy I was staring at who was now looking at me with a smirk as he left the cafe!!

I dropped Katie at her home and left to reach mine.

When I stepped into the house I mean more like a mansion I was shocked! It was completely clean. I mean who did it?

Then I saw Mamma walking out of the kitchen with a smile.

'Have I come to the wrong house or am I dreaming....?'

Mom came near me and sat me down on the sofa "Carol dear, I know its been many weeks since everything happened and I am soo sorry I forgot about you and Dylan in my own sorrow." She looked down seeming sad.

"Its ok mamma, its been only 2 weeks. You know am a big girl now. Whenever dad used to go out for business, he'd make me promise to take care of you and Dylan. And now its me who'll have to take care of you both. You don't worry Ma. I'll make it alright. Dad would always want us to be happy and that's what we'll do now ok!?" I said and we hugged each other crying our hearts out.


It has now been a month and a half since Dad's death and I have finally found the courage to walk into his office. Till now it was Uncle Anthony, dad's brother who was managing the company. He is almost 50 and still unmarried and a sweetheart. He usually stayed at our house almost all the time. He let me take my time to take over the company.

I stood there looking around until Uncle Anthony entered the cabin.

"Hey uncle, how are you?"

"Am absolutely fine baby girl. But I really need to speak to you about a few things related to the company."

I was confused, "But I hardly know anything about this company. Oh you want to teach me things?! Yes please! I'm ready." I said smiling.

But a worried look crossed his face. Now I was really really confused. 'Was it something I said?' I thought.

"Baby girl, there's a serious problem and I don't think it's good to hide it from you."

"I think whatever it is I can handle just fine. I've already lost my father. What more worse can it be?"

"Okay. Baby girl.... Roger had taken a lot of loan for a project. But now that he is not there all the shareholders have backed off thinking it's not a good idea to put their money into the project. We tried convincing them but they won't agree. And now..... n-now.."

"And now?" I urged him to tell me.

"Now we m-might have t-to be f-facing bankruptcy" He said and continued "we are going to be losing everything baby girl, even the house!"

That's it! And I fell into the chair behind me.


"Carol... please open the door" Katie started banging again.

"I don't want to speak to anyone. Go away" I said.

"Carol c'mon. Its been 3 days and you've locked yourself up. And I spoke to your mom just now. She thinks that you go to the office every day and your here in my house because its near to your office?! I mean seriously?! Your mom could have bought it but not me! Open the door now Caroline and tell me what happened!" Katie screamed through the door.

"Ok ok. I'll open." I said and went to open the door and came back to sit on the bed.

Katie folded her arms and stood in front of me and said "Explain!"

So I told her everything Uncle Anthony said about the company. With every word I spoke her eyes widened even more.

"Oh my god! Oh my god! What to do now." She panicked trying to take deep breaths

"Oh god! Will you just sit and calm down?! Even I didn't freak out as much as you" I said.

"Oh really? Then who was it that locked herself up for 3 days, only coming out for food! I know that it was definitely not me" She said in an angry tone.

"Ok ok fine. Now tell me what to do" I pleaded.

"First thing, you better go tell your mom yourself before she gets to know by someone else and gets a heart attack" she said.

"Yeah! Your right. I'm leaving. Ill call you later at night and tell you what happens?" I said.

"Yeah better" We said our goodbyes and I soon went to my house straight to mamma's room.

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