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Sweet Twins: Indulge in Daddy's Love

Sweet Twins: Indulge in Daddy's Love



Nancy’s face was tangled. She had taken the life-changing decision of carrying the baby for a strange man, to meet her mother's surgical expenses, oblivious to what the future had in store for her. Five years had passed and she had become a famous pediatrician. As she stepped out of the airport with big goals and dreams, fate greeted her in the form of a little boy – whose father was none other than the strange man, Charles, the one had helped Nancy save her mother. Even before Nancy could swallow the truth, she was flummoxed by the unexpected arrival of a man with a baby girl, claiming it as her daughter. What would Nancy do? Were there more secrets from her past waiting to take her on a topsy-turvy ride?


: Charles,Nancy,Jay,Doris,Bobby,Nadia

Chapter 1 Two Million Dollars For A Baby Boy

"Miss, Madame had said that you can get two million dollars if you have a baby boy and five hundred thousand if you have a baby girl." The old lady said softly.

"Okay." Nancy Ning nodded.

She had no other choice, did she? Her mother was already in desperate need for someone to pay off her hospital bills, and she knew for a fact that her father, Clark Ning, would never shoulder any part of the bills, because he didn't care it at all.

Nancy Ning was angry about that, so she didn't want to beg him to give her some just to shoulder off the few debts. Thus, she tried to turn to her boyfriend, Caspar Yue, for help only to find that he'd been sleeping with her half-sister, Fannie Ning.

Desperate times could only bring desperate measures.

Nancy Ning could only sneer, stomping off.

Lightning strike in the clouds above, the skies thundered in reply. Soon enough, rain drops smashed down onto the pavements as her thin clothes were now considered drenched by the rain.

The others ran away from the rain, trying to find a shelter as fast as they could, leaving her to wander alone like a soulless person looking for a purpose.

"Miss!" Someone called out to her.

Nancy Ning turned around, only to spot an old lady.

She furrowed her eyebrows and walked over towards her. "Madame, did you call me?"

"I just want to ask your age." The woman took hold of Nancy's hands and led her to a milk tea shop where they could get the shelter they needed.

She glanced at Nancy up and down, an unknown emotion passing in her gaze.

"19," Nancy answered.

"Oh!" The older woman paused. "I saw you in the rain earlier, and I felt like you were going through a lot of tough times. Are you okay?"

Her question had triggered the waterfalls about to tear through Nancy's eyes. In a second, she was already sobbing on the old woman's shoulder.

"My mother was in a car accident ten years ago. She's in a coma now, and now that her organs are failing her, she needs surgery, and I... and I..." she sobbed. She had no hope now if she wanted to save her mother.

"It's just a bit of cash, girl. Don't worry." The old lady patted. "Besides, I know one way where you can get all the money you need for the surgery."

As soon as she heard money, Nancy quickly latched on to her.

"Madame, I'll do anything I can, as long as I can get the money."

The old lady could only smile in reply. "It's simple really. You will get paid if you can have a child with my young master." She peered at her. "Will you?"

It took a few moments for Nancy to even register the information at hand before she slowly nodded.

She knew what it meant to have a child in her teenage years. If people were to find out, her reputation would be destroyed. But if she didn't get the money, she'd lose her mother in the process as well.

At this point, she'd always choose her mother.

With her approval, Nancy was quickly taken to the mansion.

"Girl, go wash yourself," the old lady commanded, motioning to the bathroom as she handed Nancy a silky nightgown. "Master would be here soon."

Nancy had no time to admire her surroundings as she nodded at the woman. "Yes."

The old lady smiled, her eyes crinkling. "Don't worry, girl. My master's a nice man. He'll take care of you for the night."

"Thank you." Although the woman had vouched for him, Nancy still felt as if she were like an animal being watched in the zoo.

"Remember, turn off the lights once you're finished freshening up," she instructed before closing the door behind her.

Nancy didn't say anything more as she moved over to the bathroom, readying the hot shower.

Once she was finished, she dried off her hair and turned off the lights before throwing herself onto the bed, letting the cushions swallow up her petite frame.

The silence was already starting to unnerve her.

It felt as if she were an animal waiting to be slaughtered, to be sold out. Her heart started to beat fast in her chest, and she tried her best to calm herself.

Time seemed to be at a standstill. It felt as if hours had passed by before the door finally opened.

Nancy quickly closed her eyes.

Even then, she could feel a tall figure approaching her.

"Are you nervous?" His husky voice sounded, and she shivered in surprise.

"A little," she admitted, grasping the sheets unconsciously. Her body was already shaking at the thought of the towering body being with her.

"Don't worry," he whispered, drawing his breath close to her neck.

Right now, their voices were as stiff as ever, as if they were just going through a business transaction.

"Yes, sir." Nancy could only lie there waiting and slowly opened her eyes.

Suddenly, lightning flashed across the window. Just then, Nancy got a good look of his dark eyes staring down at her.

And it seemed as if it was the first time he was looking at her too.

She hurriedly turned her head.

The man bent over and lifted her pajamas, his cold fingers trailing over her thighs. "Whether you saw me or not, you'll forget me soon, just as I did." He smiled.

"Yes, sir," Nancy said.

This was it. As long as she had the baby, the agreement was done and she'd be gone.

It was raining heavily outside, drowning out the noise made inside the bedroom.

Nine months later.

In the operating room, a cry was heard across the room.

"It's a boy, Mrs. Angelina!" The old lady ran out of the operating room with a boy in her arms.

"That's great... That's great!" Angelina Huang closed her hands excitedly, bowing at the old lady who had handed her the baby. "We've got the shares!" she whispered. "And my son's going to be the heir of the TS Group. Oh, thank God! It's a boy!"

"Mrs. Angelina," the old lady started, feeling as if a ball was stuck in her throat. "The doctor also mentioned another girl."

"A girl?" Angelina Huang shook her head. "A boy is fine for us now. Leave the girl."

"Yes, Mrs. Angelina," she responded.

Without another word, the two finally left.

"Nancy's hemorrhaging! She needs blood transfusion. Get her a blood bag, stat!"

"Yes, director."

Meanwhile, the doctors and nurses were in a rush in the operating room, in hopes to revive Nancy.

Fannie Ning, who was just coming in to get an abortion, stopped. "Who?" she asked, raising her eyebrows.

"Nancy Ning, do you know her?" the nurse replied casually.

"No, I don't know her." However, the nurse missed the viciousness that flashed in her eyes.

The operating room was in total chaos that they didn't notice Fannie Ning carrying the baby girl away.

Five years later.

At the BJ International Airport.

Wearing her business suit, Nancy walked out of the airport gracefully, lowering her sunglasses to admire the sun that reflected in the window frames.

It had been five years since she'd given birth. As soon as she woke up, she received a call from the sanatorium, saying that her mother had woken up. Nancy hurried to the sanatorium with her weak body without having the time to inform the doctor.

Although her mother had woken up, she could still barely speak and act for herself. It took a month for Nancy to find a capable nurse for her, and when she did, she went abroad to further her learning in pediatric medicine.

Studying abroad had helped her distance herself from her past as well as escalate her competence locally.

For her past, it was her pain and her secret to hold.

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