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"Have you ever been fucked with your partner sleeping in another room?" he whispered naughtily in my ear. He caged me to the kitchen island, his hand easily dropping my towel uncovering my erect cock. The anticipation of Jackie walking out and finding me being fuck by a man was quickly making me hard. "Sshhh... you have to keep quiet, we don't want to wake her." ***** Promiscuous Series: Book 1: Between Them Book 2: The Lovers Book 3: The Desire When we decided to go our separate ways and go to different colleges, I didn't expect to be feeling left behind. I went from having casual sex with my roommate to being caught up with a certain sexy billionaire as my sugar daddy. The numerous lovers show just how messed I was, but those said lovers brought me to my happy ending. Read my story and be very careful with the explicits. Youhave been warned.

Chapter 1 Hugh

It has been two whole months since I have been separated from Andrew and Claire. And my sex life had been barren aside from our sexy getaway to the mountains in the first few weeks after our separation.

Then weeks after that Andrew came for my pity sex, since then I haven't called him back again. I kept on checking in with them telling them that I was busy adjusting to my campus life.

But honestly, I kept on keeping myself busy trying to keep my mind off of sex. I had a couple of bad dates, ended up in bad sex that I didn't even want to experience again.

With Claire and Andrew, I would be having sex every other day, but now it has been my months and I had managed to emptied more lube than when I was with them constantly fucking. I have been keeping myself entertained, my needs were always there, I was always horny.

That was until I have a new roommate. Yes, on top of my partnerless sex life, I was financially fucked also. They didn't know that my parents' company went down, that they had stated bankruptcy last month. Thankfully I was going to college with a scholarship. But I have to keep on working on the side to pay for my rent.

And when my side job was low I had to advertise for a roommate to keep affording my two-bedroom apartment that I foolishly get just in case Claire or Andrew might come and visit. I was stuck with the contract and I needed the money, fast.

"Ethan, me and some buddies are going out. Do you want to join? Check out some chicks, dudes, whatever tickles your dick."

And in less than a week the french student Hugh Laurent move in next to my room, invading my space with his alluring European attitude. And since then my dick has been twitching every time he parades his shirtless body in front of me.

Need to buy more lube.

"Nope, I'm good. I got a quiz tomorrow, need to study."

I cleared my throat as he reached for the coffee pot, his naked abs cross my view making me instantly hard.

"Sorry about the noise yesterday, I swear if I knew that she was a screamer I'd fuck her at her place." He seated his sweatpants-covered ass on the kitchen counter, legs open, totally mocking me as if he had known that I haven't had sex in months.

"It's okay, just keep in mind for next time."

He nodded as he gulped his coffee while we talk about our campus life, then he excused himself when it was time for him to go with his friends.

It was not until four hours later that I was tired and wanted to go to sleep, but being sexually frustrated I needed a release before I go to bed. And that was when I put on my favorite porn, which was of Claire, Andrew, and me. My Bluetooth earbuds were on as I missed hearing their sexy moans, I lay back to my bed, naked with a bottle of lube on the side table.

I was stroking my lubed dick, as I watched Andrew sucked her. I didn't realize that I was moaning until I saw Hugh was standing in front of me.

"Shit!" I cursed and hurriedly covered my erection with my blanket.

"Hey." He smirked looking at me.

"What the fuck dude! this is my room, you knock before you enter!"

"Well, I did..." he pointed to my ear, making me cursed for my ignorance of not locking the door before I decided to masturbate. I took off my buds and put them aside, my other hand was still covering my very hard erection.

"Okay, so what do you want?" I asked trying to look at him with a straight face. While he was looking delectable in only his boxers and his messy hair.

Was I really that loud?

"Well, nothing... I was about to sleep, and then I heard your voice I thought you have company but I listened in and it was only you. So, I decided to check?"

He didn't sound convincing.

"Ok, sorry about this." I tried to close the conversation and have him leave me in peace.

But then his eyes were looking at my home porn with me who was being sucked by Claire and Andrew.

"You looked good."

"Thanks. Now, please go."

"Can I watch this?"

Is he fucking kidding me?


"I'll get the beer."

"What the fuck, Hugh!" I called him out, but he was gone already.

I was frustrated with him and apparently, my dick was still very hard. But then within moments he was back and abruptly scoots in right next to me joining me on my bed and handed me the beer.

What the fuck?

"What do you think you're doing?"

"Watching your home porn, ah come on man... we're roommates. You can still touch yourself, I won't mind. But tell me, the guy-on-guy thing...is it that good?"

His handsome face was inches away from mine and my hands were itching to push him down and kiss him hard, and then my dick suddenly twitched making me put a pillow to calm myself down.


"Ehm... it's good, you never tried it before?" I cleared my throat once again, then drink the cold beer relieving myself from the sudden thirst.

"Nope, I always wondered though. Wow, you guys looked like a real porn star. Do you mind?" He asked as he put his beer down and start stroking himself.

What the hell??

"Wait you're seriously doing this in front of me?"

"Why not? You're doing it before."

Is he fucking serious?

"It's my home video."

"I know, that's why I asked, do you mind? she's hot by the way."


I decided to turn the video off and told him to go.

"Oh okay, look sorry...I guess you don't like me that way huh?"


"Well I just thought you're hot, I mean if I'd do a guy you will be one of them."

"Uh thanks, but you have a girlfriend."

"So? we're not exclusive. I mean..." he was closing his gap and lowering his face to mine.

Oh, fuck this!

I pushed him down and kissed him, and in that second it was like fireworks he was kissing me back with such passion that I'd thought he had gone mad. But his lust was evident when I felt his hard cock pressing against mine.

"Hugh, are you sure about this?"

He didn't reply, he just looks at me the pull my blanket away revealing my hard dick before him. I waited for him when he hesitated, but finally groan when he starts stroking me with his hand.

"I never hold another man's dick before. Feels the same, though I think yours is a bit thicker. Nice one man." He chuckled looking at me while he didn't stop stroking me.

"You're good at this, fuck yourself often...huh, Hugh? Oh, fuck... that's it...just...like...that...damn..."

I was so close to the edge when I finally pushed him down.

"Enough!" I pushed him back and hold his wrists above his head and start kissing him roughly.

"Ethan, oh fuck!" he gasped wanting more of my kisses.

"Ssh... relax..." he was following my direction as I looked at him then pull down his boxers. I smirked looking at his precum and was awarded by a louder moan when I started licking and sucking his engorged dick.

He burst so quickly that he looked a bit embarrassed by the fact that he couldn't hold himself from coming inside my mouth.

"Okay, that's enough for you. Go now. Leave me to enjoy my alone time." I peeled myself from his lean muscular body.

"But you haven't..."

"Look, this is not for everyone. I got you off, and that's that, we don't have to talk about this. Ever again."

I got enough bad dates to remind myself of that. People think they could handle being bisexual, but being fuck by a man can be very intimidating. And not many people are actually adventurous enough to go down that road.

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