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Mr. Billionaire's Unwanted Bride

Mr. Billionaire's Unwanted Bride



“You wanted to marry me right?” He asked as he threw her against the wall. She hissed from pain and looked at the man in front of her. He was heartless towards her but yet he’s the most handsome man she has ever seen. “F**CKING ANSWER ME ISABELLA” She shuddered under his dangerous gaze and his shout so she nodded at him with fear. “Alright, let’s play the game till one of us dies” A cold smirk appeared on his face as he watched her fear filled face. ……… Dylan Hendrix was the only heir of the Hendrix family and a billionaire. He wanted to give up on everything and go to the army but his parents forced him to marry the most gorgeous and innocent woman in their city and she was Isabella Anderson. An innocent doctor who spent her whole time with cancer patients. No one knew that her childhood crush and the man she loved was Dylan.

Chapter 1

It was a grand and memorable day in Western Rose City. The whole city was decorated with red and white roses. Everyone who sees the city they would definitely lose in it because of the beauty in the city. All people who live in the Western Rose city were excited and happy to see the marriage between two main families in the city but certain someone was not happy at all. He was just furious about the marriage.

“I can’t wait to see her. I bet she will be like a goddess. I would do anything if I could marry her but unfortunately, we’re not that lucky” A group of young men spoke about the bride but they didn’t know someone was listening to them with a furious heart.

The wedding began and the groom was waiting for the arrival of the bride. He was just impatient because he wanted to finish the wedding as soon as possible and leave the shitty place. Finally, the bride arrived and everyone’s mouths dropped because of the beauty of the bride. She was known as the greatest and innocent beauty of the city and everyone loved her because of her kind and innocent attitudes. Because of the gasped sound of everyone the groom boringly let his eye fall on the bride.

Suddenly his heartbeat increased and his whole world froze. He watched his future wife walking through the red carpet towards him while wrapping her hand around her father’s arm. Why is she so gorgeous? He asked himself while looking at the beauty who just came to him. Wearing a white wedding gown that was decorated with the gold color rose flowers and pearls. She looked at him and smiled. His heartbeat ridiculously fastened because of the smile she gave. He didn’t know that his bride was so happy and it was her biggest dream to marry him. She always wanted to be his wife and bear his children because he was the man she loved and he was her childhood crush. Her heart filled with love and happiness as she saw the man in front of her. So handsome, wearing a black tuxedo with a gold color tie below it. His hair was combed back elegantly and he was the dream prince of her life ever since she saw him.

The wedding began and finally, they became legal husband and wife as they vowed in front of their whole city.

“I name Dylan Hendrix and Isabella Anderson as husband and wife” Everyone cheered and clapped as soon as they heard it. Isabella slowly looked at the man beside her and saw he was looking at her already so she smiled at him and wrapped her hand around his arm because she was shy but Dylan was so heartless to ignore her and look away.

“You look gorgeous Bella, I’m really lucky to have you as my daughter-in-law. So beautiful and intelligent” It was Dylan’s mother Dela who came and hugged Isabella with love and care.

“Call me mom from now on. I always wanted to have a daughter like you,” Isabella smiled and Dela nodded.

“Okay mom” Dela felt really happy and she wrapped her arm around her husband Eric and wiped her happy tears.

“Look at them. They are really a matching couple right?” She asked and Dylan’s father nodded with a happy smile.

“Yeah” Eric patted Isabella’s head and smiled. Isabella smiled shyly and looked at Dylan but the thing she saw was his emotionless face.

“Alright, Both of you go and greet guests” Dylan’s parents spoke as they walked towards Isabella’s parents.

After everything, Isabella was so tired and according to Dylan’s parents’ suggestion, Dylan took Isabella to his mansion. As soon as they entered Dylan’s butler and an elderly woman came and greeted them.

“Welcome home young master and young lady. Congratulations” Both of them greeted Isabella and Dylan with bright smiles.

“Give her clothes that mom arranged for her” With that Dylan went upstairs without even looking back at Isabella. Isabella’s heart tightened because of his attitude but she hid it with a smile.

“This way young lady” Elderly woman led Isabella upstairs and showed the master bedroom.

“This young master’s room. Madam has arranged everything for the young lady here. Please let me know if there’s anything” Elderly woman smiled at Isabella and said.

“Alright, Can I know your name?” Isabella asked as she looked at the elderly woman.

“Young lady please call me Ella” She quickly responded to Isabella’s question. Isabella nodded at her and smiled brightly.

“I’ll call you if there’s anything aunty Ella” Ella watched Isabella’s beautiful face for a while and nodded with an extremely happy face.

“It’s good to see our young master has such a beautiful and kind wife” Isabella smiled shyly at aunty Ella and nodded. After aunty Ella left Isabella walked into the room and she heard water splashing sound inside of the washroom. She knew that Dylan was taking shower so she slowly walked and sat on the bed as she removed her heels. Then she saw the coat Dylan was wearing on the bed and she quickly took it and buried her face against it.

She inhaled the scent and smiled because she really loved it and today was the happiest day of her life. She married the man she loved and she always wanted. While touching Dylan’s coat Isabella looked at the heart-shaped red diamond ring on her finger. It was Dylan who put it into her hand. Her heart was filled with joy and love for the man who just became her husband.

Suddenly she heard the sound of the door opening and she looked in the direction and saw Dylan. Her heart skipped a beat as she looked at him. He was wearing black sweatpants without a shirt. His hair was wet and Isabella found he was just so handsome than ever. Her eyes fell on his strong muscular body and she watched his chest and his six-pack. Her face was covered with a blush as she watched his upper body.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Isabella gasped as she heard his heartless voice and at the same time, Dylan strode towards her and snatched his coat from her hands, and threw it into the rubbish bin.

“You touched it and dirtied it. Don’t touch my things. If you stay here don’t fucking cross your line.” Isabella’s heart was covered with hurt and her eyes turned moist because of how her husband talked to her. She never expected this... She thought he would love her but what is this?

“Dylan... I…” She finally managed to talk after recovering from the shock but as soon as she spoke her words were cut off by Dylan’s heartless voice.

“Shut your fucking mouth. I never wanted a wife. You became my wife because my parents forced me so don’t think that I’ll treat you well” His words stabbed straight into her heart and her tears rolled down from her eyes.

“Especially I will never love you. I’m going to the army soon and live as a widow after I left.” Isabella clutched her dress tightly as she heard what he said. He said he will never love her but she didn’t want that she wanted him to love her because she loved him so much.

“Why? Do you have someone you love?” Isabella’s voice was trembling because of the fear of knowing that the man she loves loved another woman.

“I don’t fucking love any woman and especially not you. I just want to live my life peacefully without women like you.” She felt somewhat happy because he didn’t love anyone but she was hurt because of the way he talked to her. She stood up from the bed and looked up at him with a smile.

“It’s okay, I’ll stay with you till you go to the army and I’ll wait until you come back. I’ll wait for you every day of my life” She smiled brightly at Dylan and ran towards the washroom.

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