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Mistaken Revenge

Mistaken Revenge



This novel is an Erotica! (18+) He was a soldier of the special force in the army. He was adopted but his adoptive parents were killed along with the little baby daughter of them when he was kid, so he wanted revenge for everything. He found his target and went there as a business partner of the man who made him lose everything he loved. Then his revenge changed into a cruel way after seeing the man’s one and only daughter! His daughter was gorgeous, innocent and lovely. Seeing her for the first time, he knew that he’s going to hurt her too. He wanted to avenge the little daughter of his adoptive parents. Like he wanted, she fell in love with him madly. She gave her everything to him like a foolish teenager, and he gladly accepted everything with the thought of him hurting her at the end. She wanted to marry him and be with him but he never wanted, no matter how gorgeous and how innocent she was, he was blinded by the revenge. He successfully accomplished his revenge, he made everyone suffer like he suffered looking at his adoptive parents' dead bodies. He also hurt the girl who loved him without a limit. But he had unintentionally made a huge mistake, a mistake which made his whole world collapse in front of his own eyes. Even though he found every information about what happened years ago, he had missed the most valuable secret and the most valuable thing to him……...

Chapter 1 Memories

“Declan, you need to run. The password of this suitcase is 998, don’t ever forget. To me, you’re my own son no matter what, so my everything will be yours. Take this and leave!”

A man who was covered with blood whispered against a seven years old boy’s ear. The boy was crying, he didn’t want to leave his family. He looked at the house he lived in for two years and it was burning, his mother and one year old little sister was nowhere to be found.

“I can’t.. Daddy.. Please come with me” he sobbed.

“Don’t make me angry now! Leave, I’m not leaving your sister and mother!” pushing him, his father said angrily.

“You need to survive! Be a strong man and make me proud! Go now!”

He looked at his adoptive father’s ocean blue eyes and lowered his head. He knew his father was shouting at him for his own good but he didn’t feel like leaving them. But he was helpless. Hugging the suitcase against his chest tightly, he clenched his sharp jaws.

“I will survive!” He smiled at his father.

Then he watched his father’s smiling face, he didn’t miss the way his father’s eyes turned red. He loved his father so much, he remembered the first day he took him from the orphanage telling that he would be the young master of their family. They never treated him differently, they loved him as if he was their own son.

Looking at his father, he remembered how gorgeous his mother was. He had never seen a gorgeous woman like her before. He was so proud to call her mother. She was innocent and kind, he really loved her but now she was nowhere to be seen, only his father was there.

“I love you Declan! You’re really my son. You’re intelligent so I’m not afraid to leave you alone. Think wisely and work hard. You will understand what to do when you open it!”

“Leave now! Hurry up”

Nodding at his father, he wiped his tears and ran away. After running for a while he stopped and looked back where his father was. But to his heartache his father was not there anymore. His eyes again filled with tears, then he lowered his head and ran into the forest which was near to their house. Then he hid, where no one could find him. Just like his father taught him, he thought wisly.

Time passed, he slowly came out where he hid. He hesitated for a while, but he decided to go back again. He slowly walked towards their huge castle-like house. It was burnt, the beautiful house was gone and replaced with an ugly one. Hugging the suitcase against his chest, he slowly walked into the house.

Walking there, the first thing he saw was his father’s dead body. His heart froze, and stopped beating for a moment. His handsome and young father was gone. Without touching his dead body, he walked past him with tears, then he searched for his mother. After some time, he found her, and he experienced another heartbreak.

She was also dead. Her beautiful face was covered with her long raven hair. She was surrounded by a pool of blood. He was crying helplessly, he couldn’t bear the pain in his heart. Then his eyes fell on the pink cotton fabric on the floor beside his mother’s dead body.

The cotton fabric had a huge blood patch, which made his heart go numb. He went crazy remembering his little sister’s cute giggles and cute smile. He ran, he ran everywhere wanting to find her but she was nowhere to be found. The only thing he could think was that they had killed her too.

Knowing that police would arrive soon, he immediately walked to his mother and slowly pulled out the ring she had on her hand. Then he watched her for a while and ran away, then he came to his father as he pulled out the ring he was also wearing. Then looking at him for a while, he ran without turning back.

He needed something which could keep him alive with memories, so he took their rings they were always wearing and ran without turning back. His eyes were filled with tears, as he ran teardrops fell down. Then he again ran into the forest and hid in the same place where he was as he closed his eyes.


Declan’s eyes snapped open, he sat up on the bed as subconsciously. His body was covered with a thick layer of sweat. He buried his face against his palms and sighed. It was the same dream and it was the same thing which haunted him for years. He was twenty six years old but yet he couldn’t get over that memory.

“Again? Nightmares?” hearing the sweet voice of a girl, he lifted his head and looked at her.

She was gorgeous, had blue eyes. Her long raven hair was falling down through her shoulders. She was looking at him with a worried look. Sitting up on the bed while covering her naked body with the quilt, she raised her arm and wiped the sweat on his forehead. Then she caressed his face in a lovely manner with a smile. He watched how gorgeous she was, his heart softened seeing her innocent and lovely smile but instantly his softened heart turned cold. Clenching his jaws, he watched her.

Then he grabbed her from her arm and pulled to him as he removed the quilt from her body. She was confused because of his sudden actions but she said nothing but let him do anything because of the love she had for him.


She moaned as he started to kiss her breasts roughly, again climbing the top of her, he started to squeeze her breasts and bite her nipples. He was angry, seeing her, he remembered his dead mother. The woman in his arms had similar hair like his mother and similar eyes as his father. So it made him angry.

He knew the fact that she had blue eyes and raven hair because of her mother, she looked just similar to her mother but seeing her like this made him angry. Not even her mother’s look made him angry as much as she did. Priscilla… it was her name. That bastard not only killed his little sister but also gave his sister’s name to his bastard daughter! Priscilla was the name his adoptive father gave to his newborn daughter! And that bastard knew everything!

“Ah.. be gentle..” she moaned, biting her lips.

He stopped what he was doing and looked at her, she was just gorgeous beyond the expectation. His lips slowly curled upwards to a devilish smirk as he crashed his lips on her, then started to kiss her. She slowly wrapped her delicate arms around his neck and started to kiss him back.

Kissing her passionately, he felt his lower body was getting hard and he needed to fuck her again. He screwed her for the whole night and fell asleep and now he was awakened by the same nightmare and he wanted to have her again. But this time, he was angry, every time he remembered the past, he vented his anger on her. Because her so-called father was the one who caused everything.

He’s going to get revenge on everyone for making him lose his family, with the same thought, he wore a condom before he parted her legs and slammed his dick inside of her without a hint of gentleness. He was angry at her for being so beautiful and at the same time he was furious because she got that bastard’s blood in her.

“What’s wrong? Ahh… please” she gripped his shoulders tightly, tears filled in her eyes because of the pain but she endured it biting her lips. Looking at her pain filled face, he felt happy. He felt satisfied and he felt he’s at victory.

“Declan…. Please slow down…. You’re so.. Rough”

She forced her words out as he pounded into her harder and faster. He knew that his actions were rough and a delicate woman like her cannot bear but did he care? No! He didn’t give a damn about her pain. He wanted to see her in pain, he wanted to hurt her and show that bastard the consequence of killing a one year old little baby.

She had grown up as a princess, she had everything and she was loved by everyone but what about his lost little sister? He lost her life, and she wasn’t even there to see how lovely her parents were.

“Rough? Heh.. Really?” he looked into her ocean blue eyes and chuckled. Then she innocently nodded not knowing he was mocking her.

“You know I can become more rougher than this,” moving his face closer to her collarbone he whispered huskily. Then he bit her collarbone hard..

Tears leaked out of her eyes as he did that. Then he sped his movements even harder as he started to hurt her physically but yet she endured his every action without doing anything.

“Suck my dick!”

pulling himself out of her, he ordered her and grabbed her from her waist as he flipped and placed her on his body. She looked at him with her big bright eyes and smiled innocently, then she moved downwards and started to give him the pleasure that he would never be able to forget and never be able to get over.

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