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The God of War

The God of War

Useless scholar


The God of War returned with glory, only to find his daughter sent away from home and his wife...

Chapter 1 No.1

"Daddy? Is that you? I'm so hungry. They didn't give me food and have locked me up!"

"I'm in the same room with scary dogs. They frighten me..."

In a huge battlefield filled with smoke in the ocean, countless aircraft carriers and cruisers were fighting on the sea.

In the carrier with a red dragon painted on it, the commander's phone rang.

Jorge wore a cold expression and was about to hang up. "Wrong number."

"That's impossible! Mom won't lie to me! My father is Jorge Green. My name is Olivia. Mom said that she knew you. She will never regret meeting you!"

This sentence was shocking.

Jorge felt like being struck by lightning.

Olivia was his daughter!

There was a noise on the phone, accompanied by the cries of the little girl.

She was slapped in the face!

"Bastard, how dare you call for help?"

"Mr. Dougherty, I won't do it again. Please, forgive me..."

The call was hung up!

Jorge was burning with anxiety and a mouthful of blood was sprayed on the console.


The tall and armored woman behind him shouted anxiously.

Jorge roared, "Prepare the plane immediately! Return to Ocean City, now!"

"Yes, Lord!"

A moment later, the huge plane disappeared into the distance.

On the deck of dozens of aircraft carriers and cruisers, thousands of soldiers knelt in unison!

"Farewell, Lord!"

One day later.

In the western suburbs of Ocean City, the Easton's.

Jorge was anxious and took a deep breath as he looked at the villa in front of him.

Five years ago, he was chased out of the family and became an abandoned man. He was even hunted down and encountered a car accident.

It was a long-haired girl passing by who saved the heavily injured him regardless of smoke and the raging flames.

To repay her, Jorge married into a wealthy family as a matrilocal son-in-law.

His wife, the girl who saved his life, was the daughter of the Easton family! On the second day of the marriage, Jorge resolutely joined the army.

After five years of battling, Jorge became the Lord of War God!

He had four Grand War Masters, nine Grand War Kings, and one hundred and eight generals under him!

A moan broke the silence in the villa.

In the bedroom on the second floor, two people were rolling around on the luxurious bed.

"Jason, don't be so impatient. You haven't agreed to marry me!"

"Why shouldn't I? I couldn't hold it in any longer!"

The man breathed heavily. "Ruth, sleep with me now! When you divorce that good-for-nothing, I will immediately marry you!"

"I can't!" Ruth was panting from being touched by Jason, "Jason, that trash may have died on the battlefield. I can't find his personal information. Otherwise, we would have divorced a long time ago. And that girl is also a problem!"

"Speaking of which, I just had someone send the girl to the Wind Dog Training Ground. I told them not to let her come back, so she can't bother me!"

At the entrance of the villa, the man suddenly froze.

He was dumbfounded!

Five years ago, the kind and brave beautiful girl who saved his life became his wife, and they had slept together for once.

But at this moment, she was making out with another man and his daughter was sent to a dog training ground! Jorge moved and ran away at a fast speed.

He was furious! His daughter was in despair!

"Ruth, you vicious woman!"

Jorge's eyes were bloodshot! "Sweetie, hold on! Daddy will be right there!"

The training ground was overcrowded. Countless people stared at the center stage and shouted madly.

A middle-aged fat man was holding three chains that leashed three irascible Tibetan Mastiffs in his hand.

The dogs barked at a little girl in the corner. If it weren't for the chains, they would have pounced on her! The little girl had a sallow face and was skinny. She was ragged and exhausted.

Obviously, she was in distress.

She curled up and shivered, her voice almost hoarse from crying.

The audience in the stands were red-eyed, raising their fists and shouting, "Start the show now!"

"Start the bet! I bet this little girl doesn't dare to get close to the dogs. I'll bet with a hundred thousand!"

"I'm in with fifty thousand!"

The three dogs were so agitated that they almost went crazy. They jumped up and down, almost breaking the chains around their necks! "No! I don't want to do the show..."

The girl curled up and almost cried her heart out. "Mr. Dougherty, I beg you. I will be good and eat whatever food you give me. I won't ask for the cake again."

"Dad, Mom, where are you...?"

Leandro Dougherty had a ferocious look on his face. "Bastard, Ms. Easton is annoyed every time she sees you! I'm not the one to blame..."

Suddenly, the chains in his hand slipped.

The dogs went completely crazy as they dashed at Olivia! They were just too excited and that scared her very much!

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