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Unrequited Love: Catch Me If You Can

Unrequited Love: Catch Me If You Can

Adolf Dunne


Her fiance and her best friend worked together and set her up. She lost everything and died in the street. However, she was reborn. The moment she opened her eyes, her husband was trying to strangle her. Luckily, she survived that. She signed the divorce agreement without hesitation and was ready for her miserable life. To her surprise, her mother in this life left her a great deal of money. She turned the tables and avenged herself. Everything went well in her career and love when her ex-husband came to her.

Chapter 1 Rebirth And Divorce

“Even if you set me up in your bed, Rachel Bennet, you'll never become a real Mrs. Sullivan!” A man’s roaring in low made the woman sense the world again.

On the king-size bed, a woman slowly woke up. The first thing she saw was a man pressing her down under him, roughly, or rather, angrily thrusting into her. The man's face was literally called handsome, however was fully covered with fury. His dark eyes were also burning with hate.

The veins stood out on his forehead and his arms as he wrung the woman's slender neck.

As her lungs started screaming for air, her survival instinct kicked in. She raised her hands to her throat, trying to fend off her attacker.

But the man wouldn't budge. Instead, he tightened his grip on her neck, causing her face to turn a deep red, and the pounding of her lower body continued, even into its final, most violent phase. Her vision to blur.


The door was thrown open and the butler rushed in. His face paled at the sight before him. The butler reacted very fast as he hurried to the bed and grabbed the man's arm, shouting, "Mr. Sullivan! No! PLEASE! You're killing her!"

"She deserves to die!" The fire of rage was still in this man’s eyes and he spit his words coldly.

The man was so strong and in great rage as well, the butler knew that couldn't stop the man, so he knelt by the bed and begged, "Mr. Sullivan, please! If you kill her, your grandma will weep in her grave! Anyway, her mother once saved your grandma’s life!"


Hearing the butler's words, Victor Sullivan loosened his grip slightly.

The woman called Rachel grabbed the opportunity to escape his grasp and crawl away. Her back hit the headboard and she stayed there curled in a ball, looking at Victor with wide, fearful eyes.

The butler saw the change in Victor's attitude and tried to dissuade again, "Mr. Sullivan, haven't you decided to devoice her today? After that you can kick her out and never have to see her again! Spare her life for her mother's sake please!"

Victor seemed convinced by the butler's words a bit. He got out of bed, put on his pajamas. When he was done, he turned around and spoke in an icy voice, which made the poor girl shudder in chill and fear.

"Ivan will send you the divorce agreement. Sign and screw out of my house. I don't want to see your face ever again!"

With a final look filled with hatred, he left the room, followed by the butler.

The door slammed behind him, the sound hurting the woman's ears. She covered herself with the bedcovers, still in shock. Her face was deathly pale, her heart fluttering in her chest.

All of this was so overwhelming and shocking that she forgot to even cry.

She lowered her head and to check her body. She was completely naked and dark bruises marred her otherwise flawless skin.

The adrenaline coursing through her veins had dulled the pain until now. But when the worst had passed, Rachel felt that her entire body was sore. She hurt everywhere.

And the most important point was that----THIS WAS NOT HER BODY!

Rachel Bennet... the name which that crude man called came into her mind, following that was wave after wave of memories that didn't belong to her.

She recalled all!

Her real name was Shelia Davis. She was the head of The King Of Hearts, the most powerful hacker alliance. But the people she trusted most deceived her, the one she loved most betrayed her. She was framed and imprisoned, and just after her release, she was poisoned by her ex-boyfriend and his mistress.

But bizarrely, there was another memory in her mind that was completely different----from the life of another person. She’s Rachel Bennet, and she was originally a young lady of a wealthy family. However, her mother died of illness several years ago and her father immediately brought his mistress home as well as their daughter who’s absolutely illegitimate. She married someone she loved very much, but that person hated her. Yes, the man called Victor Sullivan who had just done violence to her in bed.

So she had come to the conclusion that she had been killed by her scumbag ex-boyfriend and died, but her soul had entered the body of this woman called Rachel.

As for why she could enter this body and why it had Rachel’s memories, she did not understand. After all, it was all unexplainable and definitely unscientific.

In any case, this thing had already happened. As Shelia thought everything through, she regained her usual calmness and wisdom.

She carefully examined the memories of the original owner of this body. Rachel was supposed to be a rich girl though bullied by her stepmother and stepsister after her mother's death. She married to a powerful and influential man, but her love for her husband made it instead a knife for him to hurt her.

Overall, she’s a good and kind Cinderella, but too soft and timid. Then Shelia thought of something. She turned to the mirror, “Hum, and beautiful of course.”

“What can I do now?” Shelia asked herself. She had no way to go back her original life, and she had no idea how long her soul could stay in this body neither. Could she use this body to find out if there has any connection with her original life?

She still had so much unfinished things to do, while so much to avenge. Since God had brought her back to life, it was not a bad idea to use this body to accomplish what she wanted to do, wasn't it?

“Okay. Anyway, thank you Rachel so that I can back to life. For now, I have to take over your life. But in return, I will help you take revenge on those who have bullied and insulted you and take back all that is yours. Shelia Davis is gone. I’m Rachel Bennet now!”

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door.

The sound startled the new Rachel out of her reverie. A cold voice came from the other side of the door. "Madam, are you inside? May I come in?"

It was then that she realized that she was now still bare on the bed. To start her re-beginning life, the first thing now she had to quickly find herself a dress to put on!

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