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The Legendary Billionaire

The Legendary Billionaire



In an effort to save his girlfriend's life, Randall's right hand was severely injured, rendering him disabled for life. Unexpectedly, what he got in return was betrayal: his girlfriend left him for his best friend! Just as he felt that his world was falling apart, he met a man who changed his life—the legendary Dr. Stewart Tran. Randall not only became a disciple of this world-renowned doctor but also inherited the man's insane wealth. That was how Randall started fighting back, defeating anyone who got in his way—and ultimately, living his legendary life.

Chapter 1 Disabled For Love

"Look, Randall's hand is shaking again!"

"Ha-ha! Of what use is a surgeon who can't hold a scalpel firmly? He's so useless."

"Come on, don't say that. Have you forgotten that he used to be a genius?"

There were dozens of medical students in one of the laboratories at Herdale Medical School, one of the top medical schools in the world.

In front of them, were cadavers lying on operating tables. The students were to dissect them to learn about anatomy.

Everyone was doing the dissection easily, except Randall Carter. He couldn't hold the scalpel firmly. His hand kept shaking and shaking.

The scalpel suddenly fell to the tiled floor.

The clinking sound drew the attention of everyone in the lab. His classmates' eyes were filled with ridicule. They felt that Randall didn't deserve to be a surgeon.

Tears welled up in Randall's eyes as he stared blankly at the scalpel on the floor. His breathing suddenly became laborious.

He had an IQ of 200. Just one look at the cadaver, a detailed image of its insides was already in his brain as if he could see all the bones, muscles, and joints.

However, his intelligence was useless in this lab because his right hand was damaged.

The other students mocked Randall, not minding that he could hear them. Their words pierced into his heart like a sharp knife.

Only three months ago, Randall was the top student at Herdale Medical School. People said he might become the next legend doctor.

But everything changed after an accident.

Randall was shopping with his girlfriend, Tonya Burton, when a group of robbers came out of nowhere. To protect her, he fought against the robbers and his right hand was almost chopped off.

The doctors tried everything they could to save his right hand. They succeed to some extent, but the nerve damage was irreversible.

There was still hope for him to be completely cured.

Randall had an idea of how to go about it, but he couldn't operate on himself.

If he sought the help of famous neurologists, he would have to pay a whopping sum to be operated on. He couldn't afford it.

Since Randall was yet to receive the required treatment, his right hand had been unsteady. He couldn't even do some of the basic things he used to do with ease anymore.

When Randall was still receiving treatment in the hospital, Tonya knelt by his bedside and swore to always love him.

"My hand is injured, but I think it's worth it to exchange for your life, Tonya. It doesn't matter even if everyone else looks down upon me. With you by my side, I feel contented."

Randall smiled as he thought of the beautiful and kind-hearted Tonya.

His spirit was lifted in the blink of an eye.

Just when Randall was about to pick up the scalpel to give the procedure another trial, the professor who was inspecting the students' progress came to him.

When he saw the mess Randall had made, he frowned and said with disgust, "You know what? I can't let you waste the materials in the lab. The others need to learn without distraction. Go out!"

Randall's heart sank. He took a deep breath and nodded obediently.

After picking up the scalpel, he put it in a cold metal plate and walked out slowly.

A loud peal of laughter erupted from the lab as soon as he shut the door behind him. For a split second, he looked through the glass panel on the door and found that the other students were shaking with laughter. Even the professor shook his head disappointedly.

Randall didn't intend to give up. He decided to go back to his dormitory to study.

"I need to study harder than before. I can learn how to use my left hand since it's unharmed. There's still hope for me," Randall said to himself as he walked down the corridor.

He decided to study now and practice in the lab alone once his classmates were done there.

He couldn't give up and decided to strive for a bright future, so Tonya and he could live a good life together.

Randall had just gotten to the second floor when he heard something.

A female voice came from the classroom near the stairs.

Randall halted in his tracks. The voice sounded rather familiar, so he approached the classroom slowly.

Once he approached the door, he realized that the voice was similar to his girlfriend's. The woman was moaning and speaking amorously.

"Yeah! Just like that. I love the way you make me feel. Ah!"

A man's voice came afterward. "Tonya, I need you to be honest with me. Who fucks you better, me or Randall?"


It was indeed her!

Randall's heart sank again. His feeling of betrayal soon changed to sheer anger. A strange wave swept through his head. He inched backward and kicked down the door.

The door swung open with a bang.

The air in Randall's lungs escaped at the sight of the scene in the classroom.

Two people were having sex in the classroom. They were both half naked.

When they heard the door open, they looked in the direction of the door in panic. They clearly hadn't expected anyone to come in.

Fury steamed off Randall. His eyes were bloodshot as he stared at the two of them. Never had he imagined that his beloved girlfriend could cheat on him with his good friend, Perry Shaw.

He roared, "Perry! Tonya! How could you two do this to me? Why did you both betray me?"

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