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Is there anything like true love or friendship? Vanessa an Italian girl born in Florida, moved down to North Carolina after her parents divorced. She had a best friend Mariana who she kept on backstabbing without her knowing and she went further to drag her into a mess when she killed her Mafia boss D'Arrezzo son, Alex. Just when she thought she had found her way to clean her sleeves, she didn't know it was a trap made for her by her boss. Now she is left to face the wrath of her Mafia boss. How will she get out of it alive?

Chapter 1 PROLOGUE

"Alex" Vanessa called out "Alex" she called again when she got no response "Omg! What have I done?" She screamed dropping the iron rod she was holding. "I...I...didn't mean for this to happen" She stuttered as she knelt beside the still body. She ran her fingers from his face down to his neck as she tried to feel his pulse. "He is dead" She whispered to herself "He is dead" she said again, this time louder than the first. "What am I going to do?" She stood up pacing the room trying to think.

"I need to act fast before the rest of the group notices anything." Vanessa shit one last look at the dead body before storming out of the place.

Hours later, Vanessa came back with her best friend Mariana, they were holding diggers. "Vanessa, what did you do?" Mariana gasped on seeing Alex who was now covered in a pool of his blood. "How did this happen?" Mariana asked again and Vanessa said nothing. "Vanessa talk to me, what is going on here?" She continued "Mariana, this is not a time to start talking, we need to get to work before the boss notices his son absent and send the group out to search for him" Vanessa finally spoke walking towards the dead body. Mariana was transfixed to the same spot, staring on at the dead body in bewilderment. "Mariana please come and help me, let us get this body moving" Vanessa pleaded grabbing Alex's hands. Mariana grabbed his leg and they both dragged him out of the empty warehouse and yanked him into the trunk of Vanessa's car. Mariana and Vanessa both entered into the car and Vanessa drove out of the place. Speeding on the highway, "So where are we taking the body to?" Mariana asked "I know an abandoned farmland at the outskirt of town, I use to camp there a lot with my dad when I was younger" Vanessa replied. Taking her eyes of the road, she searched the look on Mariana's face to see if she was in support of the plan. "I think you should start talking on how you got into this mess" Mariana said. "No I think we should focus on disposing this body without leaving a trace because the consequences attached to this is going to be unbearable" Vanessa replied. "So you you there are going to be consequences to do this and you still went on with your action" Mariana scolded Vanessa who said nothing "Why Vanessa? Why?" She asked tearfully "Look Mariana, I wasn't thinking?"

"What do you mean by you weren't thinking?"

"I was trapped"

"Was your brain also trapped?" Mariana asked getting angry as she let a soft sob slip out of her mouth.

"Mariana, you are not going to understand, and I can't start explaining anything to you now. We should just leave things the way it is now, I dint want you getting involved more than you already are" Vanessa answered with tears rolling down her cheeks.

"It is too late to say that now, I am already involves in the mess you made" Mariana said sobbing louder.

"Please Mariana can you just calm down so we can think of a way out of this?"

"There isn't any way out of this, can't you see?"

"There is always a way out of every situation , all we need to do is find it or create one" Vanessa said calmly.

"The best way out of this is going to show the dead body tonthe boss and explain what transpired between both of you"

"No Mariana, how can you say a thing like that?"

"Do you have any other idea aside dumping the body in an abandon farmland where your dad takes you for camping when you were you get ?" Mariana asked sarcastically.

"For now, that is the best idea I can think of"

"Can you listen to yourself Vanessa? You are just piling up your mess"

"I am going to find a way through all of this"

"You may be dead before then"

"Do you think the boss is going to allow you walk out of his presence freely after showing him his son coprse?"

"No, but he may lessen the punishment" Mariana replied.

"You and I knows that isnt true"

"What do you think is the truth?"

"An eye for and eye" Vanessa said.

"You can't just concluded on that" Mariana said pressing further

"We can't take chances here Mariana, we can't"

"Why don't we call Karen and fill him in?"

"No, we can't get any other person involved in this, this is between the both of us now and it should end as that"

"Vanessa, do you understand you are endangering our lives, my life, if we go on with this?"

"That is an outcome of my action we can't change, well not for now"

"This is a terrible plan" Mariana sighed.

"We are here already" Vanessa said as she swayed the vehicle out of the main road into a bushy part.

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