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Chapter 1 PROLOGUE

Word Count: 842    |    Released on: 27/08/2023

't mean for this to happen" She stuttered as she knelt beside the still body. She ran her fingers from his face down to his neck as she tried to feel his pulse. "He

notices anything." Vanessa shit one last look a

staring on at the dead body in bewilderment. "Mariana please come and help me, let us get this body moving" Vanessa pleaded grabbing Alex's hands. Mariana grabbed his leg and they both dragged him out of the empty warehouse and yanked him into the trunk of Vanessa's car. Mariana and Vanessa both entered into the car and Vanessa drove out of the place. Speeding on the highway, "So where are we taking the body to?" Mariana asked "I know an abandoned farmland at the outskirt of town, I use to camp there a lot with my dad when I was younger" Vanessa replied. T

ean by you wer

s tra

iana asked getting angry as she le

you now. We should just leave things the way it is now, I dint want you getting invo

am already involves in the mess you

ust calm down so we can t

way out of this

ituation , all we need to do is find

how the dead body tonthe boss and expla

can you say a t

an abandon farmland where your dad takes you for campi

is the best ide

self Vanessa? You are j

find a way thro

be dead b

low you walk out of his presence free

ssen the punishmen

knows tha

u think is

and eye" V

uded on that" Mariana

chances here Ma

call Karen and

olved in this, this is between the bot

u are endangering our lives, m

my action we can't ch

rrible plan"

d as she swayed the vehicle out o

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